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Our vision at the Bicycle Coalition is shaped by what we hear from our members and supporters. It’s only strong if it is a collective vision that we’re all investing in and working toward. Some of our best ideas have resulted from a simple comment or email from a member. Our members are defining the future of our region and bringing solutions to the table that will make our communities stronger.


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Spotlight on Kimberley Bezak

When I started the Narberth Cycling Club, I wanted to build out a social component to get people comfortable riding on roads, because in the suburbs, many people think your bike is for recreation only. Too many have the mindset that bikes belong on sidewalks. I wanted to show that you could bike for function and transportation.

One day, another mom at daycare approached me and asked, “I’ve seen you biking to Trader Joe’s- can I join you?” We had our first group ride to Trader Joe’s in February, and 15 people showed up on a Monday morning, which showed there was a lot of interest and need for this. We now host a year-round weekly ride and consistently have 10-15 people join us.

Even my mother-in-law, who is nearly 70 now, has gotten in on the fun of bike advocacy. She decided on a whim to sell her big house in New Jersey, downsize, and move to the area to be around the grandkids. “I want to start biking everywhere,” she told me. So my husband added an electric assist to her bike and now she’s becoming the poster grandma of the cycling club. She trikes everywhere! She’s biked out to Weaver’s Way and into the city. She attends meetings by bike and advocates for aging in place. She wants to show that older people don’t need a car to get around. She’s building her own brand of advocacy!

In the suburbs, the age-old mindset has been that bikes are for recreation. We’re showing there’s a different way to think about how we can use bikes.

Our focus is on utilitarian cycling. How can we support moms, grandmoms, and kids in biking for empowerment and getting around? I’ve been inspired by a family that didn’t do the traditional “get your kid a car at graduation.” Instead they got tricked-out bikes to serve as a mode of transportation. I’m committing to being that kind of parent. I want my daughters to be able to safely get a friend’s house, a coffee shop, or high school and not being anchored to needing me to drive them there. I want to see all ages, all abilities, and all levels be able to safely get around by bike.

With my professional background as an occupational therapist, I’ve always thought of my place in the world as creating opportunities for everyone to do things independently and empower them. I want to break down barriers to biking and making it more accessible.

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