Our partners and sponsors are the other nonprofits, organizations, businesses, and ultimately, people at the heart of these groups who share our vision for a more equitable and accessible region.

Better Bike Share Partnership

Through our participation in the Better Bike Share Partnership, we are helping Philadelphia lead the charge to meet people where they are in their neighborhoods and build authentic relationships that result in equity and collaboration in the bikeshare network. 

One of the benchmarks for our collaboration is having ridership that reflects the demographics of the city. Over the last 2 years, more than 1,300 Philadelphians have received bicycle safety education and participated in rides and classes. We are proud to report that we met our goal this year with the demographics of our BBSP programming matching Philadelphia’s.

Circuit Trails Coalition

Since its May 2012 launch, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has played a leadership role in the Circuit Trails Coalition, a collaboration of non-profit organizations, foundations, and agencies working to advance completion of a connected network of 800+ miles of trails – the Circuit Trails – in the Greater Philadelphia region. The Circuit Trails Coalition’s goal is to raise the profile of bicycle and pedestrian trails and their public benefits so that building the Circuit Trails becomes a significant regional priority. In particular, the nonprofit members of the Circuit Trails Coalition are working toward the regional goal to complete 500 miles of trails by 2025.

Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia (FSSGP)

FSSGP is comprised of victims of traffic violence and families whose loved ones have been killed or severely injured by aggressive, reckless, or careless driving; behavior enabled by a dangerous street design.  Members represent the full range of greater Philadelphia’s rich diversity and collectively demand an end to traffic violence. FSSGP is a chapter of Families of Safe Streets, a private non-profit based in New York City.  More information about the chapter’s formation can be found here.

Vision Zero Alliance

Shortly after the 2015 election of Mayor Jim Kenney, the Bicycle Coalition and other like-minded nonprofit, private sector and civic partners created Philadelphia’s first official Vision Zero Alliance (VZA).

Together, the VZA supports a comprehensive Vision Zero strategy in Philadelphia and provides input to the Office of Complete Streets working on implementing Vision Zero strategies.


AARP-PA is reimagining the possibilities of life for Pennsylvanians and has partnered with the Bicycle Coalition on promoting Philadelphia’s Vision Zero policies.

Children Can Shape the Future

Children Can Shape the Future supports innovative education in both Camden and Philadelphia. They are a major funder of our Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling program.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia works in close partnership with the City of Philadelphia, private sector businesses, and community-based organizations to advance initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life for all Philadelphians.

William Penn Foundation

A family foundation with its roots firmly planted in Philadelphia, the William Penn Foundation has been committed to improving the quality of life in the city and the region for the last 70 years. The William Penn Foundation has partnered with the Bicycle Coalition on progressive policies that enhance the Circuit Trails since 2007 in pursuit of a sustainable environment.

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