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South Street Bridge Flex-Posts Have Been Destroyed, Need to be Replaced

If you’re a regular commuter of the South Street Bridge (and we know many of you are), you’ve probably noticed the flex-posts recently installed in front of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s garage entrance are a bit scarce. In fact, they’ve all been either destroyed or severely damaged. This is not good. The flex-posts were specifically installed […]

Our Recommendations for South, Lombard and 27th Streets in West Center City

The proposed Lombard-South-27th Street safety project was rejected by apparent “near neighbor” concerns late last month, but the Bicycle Coalition has continued working with cyclists, neighbors, neighborhood organizations, and the city, to figure out a compromise and make the streets as safe as possible for cyclists and pedestrians. That’s why, in the wake of the South of South […]

Update: The Chestnut Street Protected Bike Lane is Not Complete

I put out a video on Monday explaining that the West Chestnut Street protected bike lane’s striping has begun. Since then, the Bicycle Coalition has gotten a lot of emails and messages about the lane, and people have been riding the lane. I know it’s confusing, given construction is happening at night. But the lane […]

14 Year Old Josh Goldinger Struck and Killed By Motorist in Lower Makefield

Josh Goldinger was struck and killed at around 2:45 PM on Tuesday August 8th while trying to cross Makefield Rd at N. Old Homestead Rd. in Lower Makefield Township, Pennsylvania, according to news reports. Josh is believed to be the fourth person on a bicycle killed by a motor vehicle drivers in 2017 in the Greater Philadelphia […]

Reader Response #4: The 85th Percentile Speed Rationale is Archaic

Let’s say you’re a parent, and you have five kids. Then, let’s say four of those five kids tells you their favorite food is Oreo cookies. The fifth kid says they like grilled chicken, kale, carrots, and fruit. Would you put all your kids on a strict diet of nothing but Oreos? Probably not. And would […]

WATCH: West Chestnut Street Bike Lane Striping Begins

Striping for the West Chestnut Street parking-protected bike lane began on August 7, 2017 — right on schedule. To mark (and explain) the occasion, we created the below video. Enjoy.

SOSNA Supports South Street Protected Bike Lane

Readers of this blog know that even though Councilman Kenyatta Johnson recently wrote a letter against the Lombard Street portion of a proposed South Street-27th Street-Lombard Street protected bike lane project in West Center City, we have continued our efforts to create a safe passageway for road users who use west Center City to get to […]

3 Takeaways From NY Times Article About NYC Bicycling

The New York Times released a multi-media story on Monday titled More New Yorkers Opting for Life in the Bike Lane, showing how New York City’s commitment to installing high quality bicycle facilities and Vision Zero has yielded significantly increased ridership and safer streets. Here are the main takeaways:

American Street Plans Revealed

Coming soon to North American St: construction. But when the dust clears in 2020, a new boulevard will be in place. Complete with greenery specially designed to retain water runoff (green infrastructure) and bike lanes. North American Street is one of three projects included in a federal TIGER grant awarded to the City of Philadelphia in […]

West Chestnut Street Construction Beginning August 7

The City of Philadelphia just sent out a press release for the construction of Philadelphia’s first one-way parking-protected bike lane, along Chestnut Street in West Philadelphia. In the release, they note that construction for the lane will begin on August 7.

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