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Philly Officially Announces Protected Bike Lanes on South and 27th Streets

The City of Philadelphia announced in a press release on Wednesday that they will be moving forward with protected bike lanes on South Street and 27th Street, providing increased protection for cyclists riding to, and from, the South Street Bridge. And while the announcement is a step in the right direction, it still isn’t enough. This Vision […]

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Cresheim Trail Bridge Project Clears Key Political Hurdle

The Cresheim Trail is poised to make a quantum leap this week. Last week, The Philadelphia City Council Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs voted unanimously to approve bill # 170856 which allows the city of Philadelphia to acquire the train trestle over Germantown Avenue and sign a license of agreement to lease the adjacent right of way to […]

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Tacony Creek/Roosevelt Blvd Groundbreaking!

Earlier today, Philadelphia Parks & Rec hosted a groundbreaking ceremony along the Tacony Creek Trail. The segment, known as “Tacony Creek Trail Phase 2,” will for the first time since the construction of Roosevelt Boulevard provide a safe connection between the north and south sections of Tacony Creek Park and surrounding communities.  2,067 total views, 171 views today

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Women Bike PHL Coffee Club Sends a Message to Mayor Kenney

By Ashley Vogel On Wednesday morning, several members of the Women Bike PHL community made time before work to grab coffee and take action. The special-edition Coffee Club met at Square One Coffee in the Washington West neighborhood, where many bicyclists are calling for protected bike lanes on Spruce and Pine Streets after the death of Emily […]

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Protected bike lane on South Street & 27th Street moves one step closer

Approximately two weeks ago, Center City Residents Association gave their blessing to the installation of protected bike lanes on the 27th Street curve that approaches the South Street Bridge and on South Street between 27th & 22nd Streets. This follows a similar nod of approval from SOSNA in their August 8th letter to Office of […]

Public Meeting about East Market Street Transformation Mobility Study

    Old City District is holding a public meeting on December 11th about its Market Street Transformation Mobility Study, propose next steps for moving forward, and solicit community input.  If you are interested in learning about what Old City is considering for the section of East Market St. (5th to Front), please attend the […]

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Cyclists ‘Ride to Zero’ Around City Hall

On Tuesday afternoon, about 25 cyclists rode around City Hall to bring greater attention to last week’s cycling death of Emily Fredricks and to pressure the city government to create more protected bike lanes. The ride, organized by Jameson Gitto, met at Thomas Paine Plaza and circled City Hall for 15 minutes before returning to […]

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The Case for Protected Intersections on Spruce and Pine

One of the many problems with bike lanes in Philadelphia is at the intersection. Nearly all bike lanes against the curb combine with motor vehicle right turn lanes at intersections, creating what are called “Mixing zones.” Mixing zones require right turning vehicles to merge with bike traffic, while yielding to the cyclist. The purpose of mixing […]

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West Chestnut St Clean Up Cancelled, and the Reason Will Shock You

Earlier this week, we noticed that the 4400 Block of Chestnut was becoming nearly impassible due to piles of rotting leaves. We partnered with University City District to organize a clean up for Saturday morning December 2nd. This morning, we noticed that the block was already cleaned! So, if you’re one of the folks who […]

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Inaction is Unacceptable: 7 Demands the Bicycle Coalition is Making to the City of Philadelphia for Better Bike Lanes and Safe Streets

Earlier this week, 24-year-old Emily Fredricks was killed on her bicycle by a private sanitation driver who made a right hook in front of her at 11th and Spruce Streets in Center City. Philadelphia’s bicycling community quickly got into action. A human-protected bike lane was set up on Wednesday morning and a vigil was held that […]

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