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Survey: Majority Support Traffic Calming Measures on JFK and Market

Tragically, the passing of transportation advocate Peter Javsicas on JFK Boulevard earlier this month has brought a previously-delayed plan for JFK and Market Streets in Center City back to the forefront. Former PenTrans executive director Peter Javsicas was fatally struck on June 14 by a motor vehicle that drove up on the sidewalk at 16th and […]

Our Statement on New 2-Way Spring Garden Street Cycletrack

Last week, PennDOT installed a new 2-way cycletrack on West Spring Garden Street, between 33rd and 38th Streets. Formerly, this had been a 1-way non-buffered bike lane. But when Spring Garden Street was repaved, the parking lane was shrunk and put in a 2-way bike lane to replace the original east-flowing bike lane to accommodate the westbound and eastbound […]

Read Council President Darrell Clarke’s Vision Zero Resolution

After Peter Javsicas was killed by an out of control driver on JFK Boulevard on Tuesday, the Bicycle Coalition began an email campaign calling upon Council President Darrell Clarke to enact the traffic calming measures recommended for JFK and Market Street in Center City. Hundreds of you have made your opinion known. And on Thursday, […]

Remembering Transportation Advocate Peter Javsicas

Editor’s note: We’ve set up an email campaign for the city to enact changes on JFK now. Click here to take action. There will also be a Memorial Walk in Peter’s honor on Thursday, June 29. RSVP here. Peter Javsicas, a longtime Transit, Complete Streets advocate and Bicycle Coalition supporter, died Tuesday night from injuries sustained from a […]

Here’s How You Can Help Get Safety Camera Legislation Passed

The Bicycle Coalition and our partners have been working toward a safety camera Pilot program for more than a year. The Pilot would put cameras along Roosevelt Boulevard and give out tickets to those going more than 11 miles over the posted speed limit. The bill and Pilot itself is no replacement for proper re-engineering of […]

Construction Should Prioritize Pedestrian Safety

A common sight in many European cities are “shared streets”; streets where motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians use a street and sidewalk as if they are one and the same. Motor vehicles move slowly through the streets and pedestrians and bicyclists weave in and out as they please. If you want to see a unplanned shared street […]

Here’s Where 2017 ARLE Funds Are Going

  Pennsylvania just released its annual ARLE (Automated Red Light Enforcement) fund report, and $6 million will be going back to the state for safety improvement projects. The ARLE program has produced $45.4 million, funding 298 safety projects, since 2010, according to a press release from Governor Wolf’s office. Red light cameras are located at […]

Report From Bicycle Coalition Trip to Harrisburg for Speed Cameras

On Monday and Tuesday, Bicycle Coalition policy coordinator and members of the Vision Zero Alliance traveled to the state Capitol to advocate for a bill that would put a speed camera Pilot project on Roosevelt Boulevard. The Bill, HB 1187, was recently introduced by state Rep. John Taylor (R-Phila) after working and meeting with the Bicycle […]

Show Your Support for Pennsylvania’s 4-Foot Passing Law

If you’re driving a car in Pennsylvania and you want to pass a cyclist on the street, state law requires you give the cyclist four feet of space when doing so. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it. The law is largely unenforced and drivers who don’t also ride bicycles are largely ignorant of the youngish […]

Speed Camera Bill Passes House Committee

Good news: House Bill 1187 has passed the House Transportation Committee, and will soon be debated in the full Pennsylvania House. House Bill 1187 would create a Pilot program for speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. Roosevelt Boulevard is one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the United States. Roosevelt makes […]

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