MAP: 30 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes

Ryan Avenue protected bike lane.

Thanks to the Bicycle Coalition’s advocacy, Philadelphia has begun adding protected bike lanes to its network of bicycle infrastructure.

A protected bike lane was added to Ryan Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia in the summer of 2016. And in 2017, two ordinances were presented to City Council — one for Chestnut Street, and one for American Street — which will put new protected bike lanes on those streets where there was no infrastructure whatsoever.

Additionally, the Philadelphia Streets Department has been planning new protected bike lanes around the city, the information about which is available toward the bottom of this page. More information on those plans will be made available as the infrastructure gets implemented, or when meetings to discuss those projects are scheduled.

The Bicycle Coalition has been pushing for protected bike lanes for several years, and released the below map before the 2015 mayoral election. Keep scrolling to learn more about protected bike lanes.

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Protected Bike Lanes in Philadelphia