Tracking Traffic Violence

A Database to Document Philadelphia’s Traffic Fatalities

Too many people die in vehicular crashes in Philadelphia. This page tracks traffic fatalities in the City of Philadelphia in real time and historically (2016, 2017) to increase awareness inspire action. Click here to add your name and support Vision Zero in Philadelphia!




Hit & Runs
















Children & Youth


May 17, 2018



Adult Pedestrian

A person was struck and killed on the inner lanes of Roosevelt Blvd at Bustleton Ave

May 18, 2018


Hit & Run

Julian Angelucci, 11

Child Bicyclist

11-Year-Old child on his bicycle was struck and killed by a hit and run driver at 10th and Shunk.

May 12, 2018


Pablo Avendano, 34

Adult Bicyclist

Bicyclist in the bike lane struck from driver of car from behind.

May 11, 2018


Daniel C. Depiso Jr., 27

Adult Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist was traveling east on Pattison Avenue at 7:08 p.m. near Lincoln Financial Field when he approached Darien Street at the same time that a 2015 Ford Explorer westbound on Pattison had begun to make a left turn onto Darien. The motorcycle struck the front of the Explorer, driven by an unidentified 17-year-old male.

May 10, 2018



Adult Passenger

May 10, 2018



Adult Driver

Vehicle traveling at high speed crashed into a fixed object in a parking lot.

May 6, 2018


Unknown, 23

Adult Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist lost control on I-95 after hitting a pothole

Apr 28, 2018


Thanh Tam Nguyen, 61

Adult Passenger

Watermelons fell off truck and struck vehicle and killed a passenger

Apr 22, 2018


Sekhan Malik, 6

Child Motorcyclist Passenger

A 6 yo boy was riding with his father on a mini bike when they struck by a vehicle as they were making a left turn. Auto driver charged with suspicion of DUI.

Apr 21, 2018



Adult Driver

A driver was killed after their car slammed into a traffic light in Southwest Philadelphia overnight.

Mar 13, 2018


Raymond Baker,

Mar 4, 2018


John Campbell, 75

Adult Driver

Apr 16, 2018


Unknown F,

Adult Passenger

A man driving a stolen vehicle hit the victim as she was sitting in her parked car on the 3100 block of Ridge Avenue.

Mar 27, 2018


Francesco Codispoti, 87


Mar 17, 2018


Richard Schumann, 87


Mar 4, 2018


Edan Jones, 39


Mar 4, 2018


Shawn Jenkins, 49


Apr 14, 2018


"Quil", 21

Adult Pedestrian

A man struck and killed by a driver mid block on N Front St near Luzerne in the Feltonville section of the City

Mar 1, 2018


Raymond McClean, 61


Mar 1, 2018


Sandra Johnson, 71


Feb 26, 2018


Clinton Baylor, 32


Jan 27, 2018


Anthony Fauntleroy, 31


Jan 25, 2018


Oscar Goodwin, 78

Pedestrian Seniors

The victim struck by a driver while crossing the street on 3200 Block Allegheny Avenue.

Apr 8, 2018


Diana Como, 52

Adult Passenger

Diana Como was killed in a 3 car collision at the intersection of Roosevelt Blvd and Tyson Ave.

Mar 31, 2018


Unknown, 21

Adult Passenger

Driver of a vehicle on I-95 lost control and went over a bridge railing landing on Wheatsheaf Lane

Mar 4, 2018


Sholanda Williams, 26

Adult Driver

Police say a woman driving a sedan was killed when she slammed into a tree on the Boulevard at St. Vincent Street in the city's Mayfair section around 4:15 a.m. Sunday.

Mar 10, 2018


Maria Jacavelli, 46

Adult Pedestrian

The driver of speeding vehicle struck Ms. Jacovelli along with several vehicles along 23rd St in South Philadelphia.

Feb 17, 2018


Victor Bolongne, 32

Adult Pedestrian

Police say the 32-year-old man has just exited his vehicle when he was struck by a minivan travelling northbound on Whitaker Avenue.

Feb 5, 2018


Daniela Gabay, 21


Daniela was killed by a driver while crossing Roosevelt Blvd. near Large Street trying to catch a bus home.