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When you add your voice in support of bicyclists, you help make the region a better, safer place.

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Bicycling is for everyone.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia believes bicycling should be available to anyone who wants to ride a bicycle. We advocate for better, safer street infrastructure and trails for folks who use a bicycle for commuting, or want to, and a Vision Zero policy for everyone who needs to get around Philadelphia, by any means of transportation.


We are working collaboratively with the counties surrounding Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to make them more bicycle-friendly.

Get involved locally by advocating for pro-bicycle legislation, the expansion of our regional trail network, and better on-road infrastructure in the suburbs.

Find the closest Circuit Trail


The Circuit Trails are one of America’s largest trail networks, right in your backyard.

With 800+ miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails, discover new ways to benefit your health, our economy, our property values, and our sense of community.

Vision Zero

Traffic crashes are a public health crisis in Philadelphia.

The goal of Vision Zero is to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes that occur in Philadelphia each year, with a long term goal of eventually eliminating traffic deaths. Vision Zero is about finding engineering, education and enforcement strategies to bring total traffic deaths and serious injuries down to zero.

Women Bike PHL


There is a gender disparity among Philadelphia cyclists. Let’s shift the numbers.

Formerly Women Bike PHL, We Bike PHL’s goal is to inspire and encourage women, trans, and/or non-binary bicyclists, both aspiring and experienced, in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Youth Cycling

Working with youth ages 12-18 across Philadelphia to build healthy habits, leadership, and independence through the sport of cycling.

Building entry-level to advanced competitive cycling skills with teams through the progressive program tiers, but we do not stop there. We embrace pillars of positive youth development through sport to inspire and nurture the growth of the whole athlete – emotional wellbeing, academic success, civic participation, career planning, and beyond.

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