As Philadelphians of all stripes know by now, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive was shut to motor vehicles on March 20, 2020, and has been open to people ever since. The Drive has gone back to its original purpose: A park for people. Now, we want to hear about your experience on MLK Drive.

MLK Drive has been used, according to electronic counts conducted by WSP Engineering, by more than 5,000 people on weekdays (and many more than that on weekends) — a 1,300 percent increase from pre-COVID levels.

Many people around the city have told us MLK being closed has been the only thing that got them through the pandemic, which totally humbles us, since we advocated early on for opening the Drive up to people.

On Sunday, Bicycle Coalition staff and volunteers were out on MLK handing out bike lights and asking passers by to take a survey about MLK Drive, which we intend to use for a future campaign. But we’d also like to hear from folks we didn’t necessarily run into on Sunday, to hear about your experiences, as well

Here’s the survey! 

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