Stephanie Fenniri

Deputy Director

Stephanie BCYC

Growing up in North Texas, Stephanie viewed biking as a means of transportation and freedom. She loved biking around her neighborhood and along trails at local parks.

As an undergrad, Stephanie’s bike would help her get across campus and make it to class on time, but she eventually swapped her bike for a car due to long North Texas commutes. In 2018, Stephanie relocated to Philadelphia because she wanted to be in a historically rich and multimodal city, in addition to beginning a master’s program at Penn. When it came time to move, she was sure to pack her bike. Now, as a West Philly resident, Stephanie loves the opportunities for urban biking and spends her weekends discovering hidden gems throughout Philadelphia.

Stephanie has more than a decade of nonprofit and public service experience, specifically in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives for diverse populations and is also an alumna of both AmeriCorps and NLC-Philadelphia. She holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership, Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from Penn, a Certificate in Professional Fundraising from Boston University, and a Master of Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Stephanie is eager to promote bicycling as a vehicle for creating inclusive communities.

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