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Why Philly Needs a Citywide Bike Registry Program

Whether or not Philadelphia is actually the country’s worst city for bike theft, we can all agree it’s a problem. A big one. Just last week, we posted a blog showing video of a man in the Bella Vista section of South Philly stealing four bicycles in a single night from one garage on Bainbridge […]

Why It Pays To Report Your Stolen Bicycle

Getting your bicycle stolen is a terribly deflating feeling. It strikes a blow against your faith in strangers and trust in common spaces. The “mood board” of getting your bike stolen might contain crying little kids, people standing in the rain without umbrellas, screaming-John-Cleese-level fury, and sad koala bears. Not to mention the financial cost and […]

Bicycle Registration Event in Port Richmond This Saturday

Having your bicycle stolen is a cyclist’s greatest fear. Well, maybe outside of crashing. Nevertheless, if you want to learn some theft-prevention tips to protect your ride, Philadelphia’s 26th Police District has you covered. On May 31st, the 26th Police District is hosting a bike registry event at the Port Richmond Village parking lot at Aramingo […]

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