“Hridhaan said he had so much fun in class today… He is so stoked! We went on our first bike ride together today! I’ve been waiting to ride a bike with him for so long, have long chats and enjoy the breeze!”

We love to see when our kids learn to ride classes spark joy and create opportunities for connections, like mother and son duo, Mamta and Hridhaan, who joined us in May at our first Kids Learn to Ride Class of the year.  Mamta initially joined as a volunteer; after attending our online orientation, she jumped in to help kids learn to ride. As a Learning Scientist, educator, and parent, Mamta believes that biking is a life skill, and was drawn to the Kids Learn to Ride program because of its commitment, welcoming community, and pedagogically-sound yet simple approach to helping people experience the joy of biking.

Mamta was so excited when her son, Hridhaan, joined as a new rider looking to learn how to ride his new bike. At the May class, Hridhaan worked hard to get those first pedal strokes going and by the end of class was able to ride a long stretch by himself.

After practicing on his own, Hridhaan came back for the June Learn to Ride class to keep working on his bike handling skills, going further and further on his own, proudly reporting our his new accomplishments.

The joy from the class did not stop when the class ended, but prompted Mamta to ask ChatGPT to write a haiku on mom and son going on their first bike ride, enjoying sunlight, breeze and chats. She loved them all and wanted to share:


Pedals turn, hearts light
Mother, son in sunlit breeze,
Joy in each word shared.


First ride, bright day smiles,
Bike wheels hum, warm wind whispers,
Bond grows, mile by mile.


Join us for a class or ride! The Bicycle Coalition offers free learn to ride classes for kids and adults at our Neighborhood Bike Hubs at the Lil’ Philly Safety Village in Hunting Park and at the Bartram’s Garden Bike Hub in Southwest Philadelphia. Check out more info about our Neighborhood Bike Hubs and our web calendar for upcoming events.  

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Many thanks to our Volunteers and to PECO and Philly Bike Ride for support of kids bike activities at the Lil’ Philly Safety Village.

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