Yasha Zarrinkelk

Community Liaison

Growing up in the suburbs of Orange County, California and being forced to drive through dreadful traffic on a daily basis, Yasha always strived to find an alternative form of transportation to the automobile. Whether that involved riding a bus, train, bicycle, or skateboard, their interest in sustainable transportation and bicycle and pedestrian planning started here.  This passion for multi-modal transportation led them to Salt Lake City, Utah where they worked as a design engineer for various consulting firms and volunteered at non-profits like Bike Utah, the SLC Bicycle Collective, and the Salt Lake Film Society.

Today, Yasha lives in West Philadelphia and is a Master of City and Regional Planning candidate at Rutgers University’s Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, concentrating in transportation planning and community development. Their studies focus on exploring the intersection of race, class, gender and sustainable transportation and affordable housing. Specifically, community efforts that empower BIPOC and low-income people to reclaim space and take ownership of their communities. They have a background in civil and transportation engineering, bicycle and pedestrian planning, project management as well as community engagement and public outreach. Yasha is very much looking forward to working with the Better Bike Share Partnership and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to promote safe, fun, and equitable bicycling throughout the city.