We Bike PHL

Inspiring women, trans, and/or non-binary people in the Greater Philadelphia region to ride a bike

We Bike PHL is shifting the gender disparity in cycling.

According to the Bicycle Coalition’s annual bike counts, women, trans, and/or nonbinary riders make up only a third of cyclists in Philadelphia.

We are committed to examining this gender disparity, investigating the barriers that exist for these riders, and providing encouragement for people to pedal over the patriarchy.

We also work to build a culture that denounces harassment and sexism, and includes women, trans, and nonbinary cyclists in product development, marketing, race promotion, and street design.

Origin and Goals

According to the Bicycle Coalition’s annual bike counts, men overwhelmingly make up the majority of the cycling population, with only a third constituted by other genders. Possible explanations for this gender disparity include

  • higher risk-aversion
  • bikes and gear primarily designed for men
  • unwelcoming bike shops and clubs
  • street harassment
  • parenting and errand-running logistics

We created Women Bike PHL in 2013 to address some of these barriers, and in 2019 renamed the group We Bike PHL to be more inclusive of other cyclists impacted by gender-based discrimination in the cycling world.

Get Involved

The hub of the program is the vibrant We Bike PHL Facebook group.

We Bike PHL holds rides, classes, and social events throughout the year, which are complemented by a robust calendar of community-led rides and events. To stay in the loop about upcoming rides and events, please join the Facebook group.

Local Women’s & W/T/F Ride Groups and Race Teams

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