Meet the Coaches

Many dedicated cyclists help our youth develop their skills, please meet a few of them:

Blake Rubin

I have been coaching the Neighborhood Bike Works (NBW) team since 2012.  My entrance into the world of bike racing came while attending Drexel University, where I participated in a full ECCC road season.  The connection between the Drexel Cycling Team and Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling (BCYC) dates back to the very beginning of the program, and it’s how I first learned about BCYC.  I have racing experience on the road, mountain and cyclocross.  My racing focus for the upcoming season will be on endurance mountain bike events and cyclocross, and I hope to participate in my first sanctioned randonneuring event this year.

For 2017, I’m excited to welcome back the largest returning group of NBW team members, and hopefully see the biggest group of dedicated youth consistently participating in practices since I started coaching.  I’m even more excited to see some of our most committed youth explore more off road riding and racing opportunities.
In addition to racing, I enjoy using my bike to get around town, as well as a vehicle for adventures around the globe (Israel, Columbia, India, Nepal, and many different of part of the US).

Brenea Mitchell

I’m actually a BCYC alum!

I started my journey with BCYC (then known as Cadence) in 2009, I was in middle school then and meeting Ryan Oelkers was an epic introduction to the lifestyle and sport of cycling. Throughout my time in the program I raced with other athletes of the program, every competition was a grand experience and I carry so many fond memories and achievements with me to this day. I was given the opportunity to race for our Triathlon team as well as for QCW and Peanut Butter & Co. I traveled across the city and state of Pennsylvania. In 2014, I graduated high school and I started coaching for BCYC, fulfilling the dream of giving back to the program that changed my life, and to this day I want to continue to give back and augment the success of our new and returning athletes.
I have had three amazing years of coaching our athletes across the city, and on our Triathlon team. Traveling and training all of these amazing individuals and having them become a part of the BCYC family is the greatest honor and privilege; I couldn’t be more proud of them. I am looking forward to more seasons of success and change that will expand BCYC further. I cannot wait to start the season and meet more fantastic people and welcome them to the BCYC family.

Wanya Cave

I started when I was seventeen as a graduate of the Earn-A-Bike course at Neighborhood Bike Works. Back then BCYC was Cadence Cycling Foundation but the goal for most youth was the same it is now, to become an all-star. When I found out that BCYC was starting I earned my first road bike frame through Earn-A-Bike and built it up. After 3 seasons as a youth and junior coach I graduated high school in 2013, and received my graduation bike.

In February, 2014 I started employment with Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling as a coach and the program’s mechanic. After three seasons of coaching and training I’ve become a category 3 road rider, who isn’t far from a upgrade to cat 2. As far as the 2017 season goes I’m excited for the events this year as well as the new members of the program.
Bryan Berman

History with BCYC: I first started with the program as a work study student/ intern my freshman year at Temple University. I was mostly doing a lot of logistical things and office work. Eventually, when the Cadence Cycling Foundation and Bicycle Coalition joined, I was hired as an assistant coach at Ben Franklin High School. I helped coach there for a season and eventually started to assist at Master Shoemaker as well as the All-Star, Triathlon, and Race teams. Now, I am currently the head coach at Mastery Shoemaker and Triathlon team. I also help out with the All-Star and Race teams.

Cycling Background: The first time I touched a road bike was my freshman year of college. It was my dad’s old Giant that was way too small for me, had flat pedals, and needed some major work. I joined Temple’s Cycling team and competed in a few races. I was pretty bad when I started. I got a few last place finishes, caused a few crashes, and even rode off a cliff once. However, one day I won a race. Not only did I win, but I won by 2 minutes on what was suppose to be the hardest course of the season. That was when I realized that I could potentially be pretty good at this sport. By my senior year, I qualified for collegiate nationals and now am currently on Tri-State Velo’s Elite team.

Something I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to seeing how athletes improve. Since I started, I watched as the Race and Triathlon Teams became more and more competitive. I witnessed students develop a passion for the sport and put the time and work into becoming faster. I’m excited to see how the season will pan out this year.

Kate Campbell

During the day, I teach children 4-5 years old so I’m looking forward to working with an older age group and getting them pumped to ride and race bikes. I raced for one season of cyclocross and got hooked. I am the founder and captain of VeloDash, a brand new women’s off-road racing team here in Philly. I love doing super long road rides and bike camping/touring but my favorite discipline is riding off-road. My goal is to ride and finish the Shenandoah 100 this year.

Mike Volpe


I am new to the program in 2017. My cycling background is different from most. I have been a courier off and on since 1996 in Philly, San Francisco, and Seattle.

I’ve toured different parts of the west coast. And recently biked the Great Allegheny Passage. I’ve never raced professionally, but I’m thinking about it! I’ve volunteered at NBW for a few years. Helping youth get out on bikes is awesome! I enjoyed every minute of it, and I’m exited to bring that influence to BCYC. This will be a great learning experience for me. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Ryan deRoche

Hello BCYC Team,

I have recently returned to Philadelphia and am thrilled to be joining BCYC. I have worked as a bike mechanic for several years then transitioned into working with cycling community programs and advocacy.

I have worked with students of all ages in cycling programs including club/group rides, Earn-a-bike, Safe Routes 2 School and other programs designed to encourage youth to be more physically active and to see cycling in a new light. My children and I have cycled in a dozen states and I have toured in several more.

Cycling has excited generations as a source of freedom and I believe it can do it again. I am excited to work with the BCYC riders to instill the connection of health, fitness, mental acuity and success their life.

And don’t forget the immortal words: “Love the ones you cycle with”

Brett Houser

Bicycle cyclocross race photographs from the 2016 Sly Fox Brewery CX Race.

2017 will be my first year with the BCYC program and I am extremely excited to be paired with the W.B. Saul High School site!  I love cycling, comics, cartoons, and cats.  My cat’s name is “Another Brett” and we have matching capes.  Sometimes he goes for bike rides with me.  I’ve been the coach of the Drexel Cycling team for the past 4 years, cultivating a healthy love for cycling in every rider I’ve encountered.  I am also a volunteer with the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) and assist with coaching clinics up and down the Northeast.

My favorite thing to do on a bike is watch someone else do something for the first time; whether it’s racing at their first ever National-level event, or just playing bumpy-bikes in the woods and seeing someone clear an obstacle they’ve never made before, I just want to witness people enjoying their time with bikes as much as I do.  My goals this year are to set a record in a 400-mile race across Pennsylvania and to win all the other races!  Or, if none of that pans out, I’ll just make more superhero-themed skinsuits, because they are cool and make me look cool, too.

Caleb Nolen

2017 is my first season with BCYC, I’ve used bikes to get around for most of my life and ride regularly for fun and training. For a few years now I’ve focused on running, specifically training for and racing ultra distances, but I plan to branch out into cycling and triathlon racing one day.
I’m excited to be an Assistant Coach because I strongly believe in the power of sports and athletics to change lives. I’ve seen what it has done in my own life and am thankful for the opportunity to help others experience it too.
Ian Goldinger
2017 will be my first season working with BCYC as a support coach. I’ve been road cycling for over seven years and have worked for various messenger companies for the past few years. I first got into cycling watching the tour de france as a kid, and one of my best cycling memories is seeing several stages of the 2013 centennial edition of the tour de france.
I’m excited to be part of such a great program with so many passionate people!
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