Leadout Fund

Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling athletes riding in a peleton around a corner

A race tactic in which a rider accelerates to their maximum speed for the benefit of a teammate in tow. The second rider then leaves the draft and sprints past at even greater speed near the finish line.

In 2017, Jerry Jacobs and the Coalition launched a scholarship fund for Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling (BCYC) program graduates. This post-high school financial aid further incentivizes our student athlete’s academic success and strengthens their path forward.

This year, we’re inaugurating the BCYC Leadout Fund – Donations to the fund are balanced between our core program and the scholarship fund. Leadout gifts give our young student athletes a smooth draft and a wheel to follow and a boost just as they are ready to sprint into college. You can become part of our Leadout Train by making a donation to the Leadout Fund today. Gifts of $200, $300, $500 or any amount are an investment in our youth development program and the futures of these committed individuals.

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