Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling partners with Dr. Aubrey Kent at the Sports Industry Research Center at Temple University. Below are the results of an attitudinal assessment conducted using survey responses from participants during the 2012 season.

Involvement: A majority of participants find the program environment comfortable enough to express themselves, and view cycling as a symbolic activity.

  • 93% of BCYC participants find the program pleasurable, 83% find it interesting.
  • 91% of youth reporting that they enjoy cycling.
  • 76% stated they can really be themselves while at the program.
  • 75% stated you can tell a lot about a person by seeing them ride.

Satisfaction: A majority of participants are happy with the recognition and attention they receive from their coach, as evidenced by the 79% who reported they were satisfied with the level of appreciation their coach shows them.

  • 80% of youth were satisfied with the friendliness of the coach towards them.
  • 81% of youth were content with the training they received during the season, and their coach’s teaching style of cycling.

BCYC impacted the life of their students and others in many additional ways during 2015:

  • We brought 4 young BCYC leaders to Seattle to attend the Youth Bike Summit.
  • We also brought 4 BCYC leaders to Washington DC to attend the National Bike Summit.
  • We established the leadership development program called CYC.Le Squad.
  • We’ve established the BCYC Race Team.
  • After receiving more than 20 hours of watershed education, All Star members are presenting their concerns in this area to their local leaders.
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