Make Washington Ave. Safer

A faded bike lane on Washington Avenue. (Photo: PlanPhilly)

Your help is needed to let Mayor Nutter, City Council and the Streets Department know that there is strong public support for expediting a plan to reconfigure Washington Avenue to make it safer for all users.

Four years ago, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) received a planning grant to evaluate how to improve roadway safety for all users on Washington Avenue. PCPC then kicked off the public planning process in 2013 to devise a new pavement marking plan to achieve the goal of making Washington Avenue safer.

As is well known and documented, Washington Avenue is a road that does not serve anyone well. Faded pavement markings compromise safety; lack of adequate parking and lack of enforcement had bred a culture of illegal parking within the turn lane, loading zones, in the bike lanes and on sidewalks; and the bike lane has a significant gap between 7th and 11th Streets.

We want to see a plan to make Washington Avenue safer — now. Click here to send an email to Mayor Michael Nutter and Councilpeople Mark Squilla and Kenyatta Johnson, asking them to work to make this street safer.