Exploring Our New Website with Oliver the Octopus

UPDATE: Oliver was found on the four pages! He’s now all tuckered out and sleeping in the old truck tire underneath the Race Street Pier. 

If you’ve read our blog over the past two years, you have probably become familiar with a certain bicycle helmet-wearing cephalopod mollusc.

His name is Oliver, and he has a boundless enthusiasm for bicycles:


Oliver victory

He’s the defacto mascot of our blog, although he prefers to think of himself as a “community engagement intern.” (He insisted we put that on his waterproof business cards.) When we decided we were switching blogs, we worried that Oliver might be upset to learn we were moving. We shouldn’t have worried – like all octopi, Oliver is extremely curious and a natural explorer.

Our new website is quite large, and it contains a trove of information aimed at making your bicycle ride better and safer. We have also made this site with sharing that information in mind. Thus, you will see that almost every page has a blue SHARE button at the top or bottom. Click that button, and you can share that page though your favorite social media channel.

As we speak, Oliver is busy exploring our website’s every nook and cranny, squeezing himself into impossibly tight situations and generally snooping around. This despite our explicit instructions not to go website spelunking without a buddy. So we thought we’d encourage others to follow him into the belly of this new site for safety’s sake.

Oliver is currently exploring four different sections of our new website. Find him and Tweet that page with the hashtag #FoundOliver and our handle (@bcgp) and we’ll mail you an I Bike PHL t-shirt. One shirt per explorer (ie, blog reader), and one shirt per Oliver found (so 4 total). 


Oliver new montage

On behalf of ourselves and Oliver, we thank you for following our blog to this new home, and we look forward to helping you ride better and safer in the months and years to come.

Oliver is drawn by Philadelphia artist and illustrator Merrie Bentley. You can find more of her work here.

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  1. Katie

    i found them all! they’re right here!

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