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January was a bad month for pedestrians

The last piece of New Year’s confetti had barely landed on the floor when the news came in on January 1, 2017: A pedestrian had been hit by a motorist who immediately fled the scene before crashing into a fence. The pedestrian was killed. It was the first traffic violence casualty of 2017 and was […]

Sarah Clark Stuart Talks PhlTrafficVictims on WHYY

On a recent Newsworks Tonight segment, Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart talked about our website, and why we decided to compile all traffic fatalities in 2016. is a Bicycle Coalition-run website which attempts to provide details of every victim of traffic violence in real time alongside a map of where those […]

2016 in Review: Bike Month Marks Strong Advocacy

Editor’s Note: Over the next week, the Bicycle Coalition will be showcasing our Year-in-Review, which is also available at Bike to School Day Bike To School Day was Wednesday, May 4, and 12 schools (the most ever) participated in the national awareness and fun day. Bike To School Day provided safe spaces for any children […]

Vision Zero Alliance Begins Exploring Solutions at 63rd and Lansdowne

On Monday, members of the Vision Zero Alliance met at 63rd and Lansdowne in West Philadelphia to explore what can be done now to make changes to that intersection for the safety of people crossing there. On November 18, 8-year-old Jayanna Powell was killed at this intersection while walking home from school with her brother. The […]

How you can help the family of an 8-Year-Old killed by hit-and-run driver

On Friday, November 18, 8-year-old Jayanna Powell was killed at 63rd and Lansdowne Avenue in West Philadelphia while walking home from school. The driver who murdered Jayanna did not stop and has not been caught since the incident occurred. On Wednesday, November 23, Jayanna’s family, friends, and neighbors held a rally in her honor, and […]

Boulevard “Route for Change” Program Workshops in October

There has been an ongoing discussion about both short-term and long-term changes for Roosevelt Boulevard over the last year. Over the course of the fall, there will be several opportunities in numerous neighborhoods for you to make your opinion know on what should be done about The Boulevard—currently Philadelphia’s most dangerous, deadly road. These public […]

WIN: ‘Ride the Ducks’ Suspended Indefinitely

It was announced on Wednesday that Philadelphia’s “Ride the Ducks” amphibious and street tours of the city have been suspended indefinitely. According to, the shut down was in large part due to “soaring insurance costs, the company announced late Wednesday, a move a Philadelphia lawyer who’s sued the company called ‘good news for those […]

Dangerous Trolley Tracks Removed in South Philly

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has long been dedicated to getting rid of unused trolley track around many city corridors. Many of those tracks are from the old Route 23 trolley, which was suspended in 1992! Talk to a handful of cyclists, and you’ll probably hear at least a few stories about getting road […]

Podcast Series: “Crash,” Not Accident

Hit and runs are all too frequent in the Philadelphia area. Vinny Vella, a crime reporter for the Hartford Courant, used to work for the Philadelphia Daily News, and made it his mission to report upon and address hit and run crashes. He says that there is no crime worse than a fatal hit and […]

Results from Azavea’s ‘Summer of Maps’ work with Bicycle Coalition

                    All summer 2016, local software company Azavea has been working with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, creating an interactive map image to determine whether traffic crashes in the city specifically correlate to indicators of potential disadvantage among residents. The work was done through Azavea’s Summer […]

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