Bike,Train, and Boat Around The Delaware Bay

It can be done. We believe in you

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “I wish I could bike around the Delaware Bay, but I just don’t know how,” we’ve solved this problem. This summer you can do it using New Jersey Transit, your bicycle, the Cape May – Lewes Ferry, your bicycle again, maybe a DART Bus or two, and SEPTA. Talk about multi-modal transportation! Click here to view the map, which has the route as well as info on connector trails and sites along the way.

I hope to attempt it this summer myself. Here’s how it would work:  More

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Our Statement on Center City Stabbing

Update: the suspect has turned himself in. 

The details of a violent confrontation between two people in Center City last night are not known, but we’ve already been asked about this incident by members of the media, and were contacted by the District Attorney’s Office this morning about the incident. Here is our statement.

According to news reports, a fight broke out near Rittenhouse Square on Thursday night, between a motor vehicle passenger and a person riding a bicycle. The person on the bicycle allegedly pulled a knife out and stabbed the 37-year-old victim in the back, then fled the scene on foot. We do not know who started the fight, or why the fight began, or, really, anything other than hearsay and what’s been reported.

What happened was absolutely horrible and unacceptable. We condemn this, and all, violence. We extend our sympathies to the victim’s family.

We also encourage the person involved in the incident to come forward and turn themselves in to the police. If reports are correct, the person left behind a bag and a mountain bike—this person will be found. It is better for everyone concerned that they find the police before the police find them.

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Circuit Resolution Adopted in Delaware County

Delaware County Councilors Kevin Madden, John McBlain, Colleen Morrone, Michael Culp and Brian Zidek pose with Leonard

On Wednesday, July 11, Delaware County became the 5th in our region to adopt a resolution in support of completing 500 miles of The Circuit Trails by 2025. DelCo joins Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Camden Counties in adopting the resolution! Coming soon: Philadelphia County. Then, we turn our attention to New Jersey, where we look to get resolutions from Mercer, Burlington and Gloucester Counties by year’s end!


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Bike to Bastille Day: Here’s Your Route

Photo via The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

If you’ve never been to Bastille Day in Philly, now’s your final chance! The famed and long running Bastille Day celebrations at the Eastern State Penitentiary are coming to an end after 24 years. The celebration, based off the French Revolution, will take place Saturday, July 14.

You may have already heard of the free Tastykakes that rain on everyone watching, but did you also know that there will be stalls with tasty bratwursts, croquettes, and beer? Make sure to bring cash for these!

The real attraction of the day will be the Bearded Ladies. A drag cabaret troupe, the Bearded Ladies as well as a “Marie Antoinette” will steal the stage with over the top acting and singing complete with oversized props. The Bearded Ladies will start their performance at 5:30pm in front of the Eastern State Penitentiary.


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22nd Street Demonstrations Were Heard — Now Sign the Petition

Demonstrators showed up early Tuesday morning to mount their frustrations at the City of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Police, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and Wawa, for allowing the 22nd Street bike lane to become a decrepit mess, and becoming a glorified parking lot for delivery drivers and convenience store customers.

We participated in, and covered, the protest, which you can read about here. The message of the protest was heard, but now we need you to sign the petition calling on the City, Wawa, and the PPA to change the culture of 22nd Street.

The Wawa on 22nd and South Streets—a new business that went in this spring—has begun leaving signs outside its doors, asking patrons to leave the bike lane clear.


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Check out These New #VisionZero Trash Trucks

Side guards can help people who get into crashes with these trucks from getting swept under the vehicle

Members of the Philadelphia Office of Transportation and Utilities were out on JFK Boulevard on Tuesday, showing off new garbage trucks that have added Vision Zero protections, including night vision cameras on each side of the truck, side guards, and side mirrors.


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Report From Today’s Human-Protected Bike Lane

There were already multiple vehicles parked in the 22nd Street bike lane when protesters showed up just before 8am on Tuesday morning.

It was a sort of fitting, if maddening, example of why a group had begun forming in front of a new Wawa on the corner.

The point of Tuesday’s demonstration—a human protected bike lane in front of the new Wawa on 22nd and South Streets—was to highlight how motorists parking in the bike lane on 22nd Street to head into Wawa, or even Wawa’s delivery truck drivers parking in the lane, put cyclists’ lives at risk every day.


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Explore The Circuit Goes To Washington Crossing

Approaching Washington Crossing State Park on the D&R Canal

This month’s Explore the Circuit route will follow the Delaware & Raritan Canal from West Trenton, NJ, to historic Washington Crossing, PA. While we don’t have any plans to re-enact General Washington’s famous fjording of the Delaware River, we might still try to skip a few pebbles across the state line while we’re there. The surface of this trail is crushed-gravel, so you may not want to bring a bike with very skinny tires along this route. In deference to the summer’s heat, this ride will begin at 10:00am and it will cover roughly 12 miles, out-and-back.

You must register to receive meetup details — this ride is free for current Bicycle Coalition members: please see your Members Only newsletter email for the discount code.

Not a member? A $35 ticket gets you a spot on this ride and a year-long Coalition membership with all the benefits!

Get Tickets Here

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Majority of Bike Lane Parking Tickets on Spruce and Pine Streets

Photo via @Philabikes

Philadelphia handed out 2,116 parking tickets for motor vehicles illegally parked in bike lanes during the first five months of 2018, according to statistics provided by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Amazingly – but not surprisingly – the majority of tickets handed out by the PPA and Philadelphia Police Department are on Spruce and Pine Streets in Center City. According to the totals through May 2018, 1,348 tickets were written on Spruce and Pine Streets, between the 300 and 2300 blocks, of a total of 2,116 tickets citywide.

While Spruce and Pine have generally, in years past, represented the plurality of tickets, they are actually the majority, so far, this year. (They were also the majority in 2017.)


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Did You Witness This Crash in Manayunk Last Friday?

Ag Manta and his brother, Vin, were riding their bicycles on Main Street, Manayunk, early Saturday morning, June 30th when, as Ag recounts it, he was intentionally hit from behind by the driver of a gray Toyota Scion.

The crash happened at 1:30am at the corner of Main Street and Ridge Avenue. The driver and passenger were both white males who appeared to be in their 20s, and had been instigating the cyclists before the crash.

“I was flown from my bike and the driver sped though three red lights to get away,” Manta says. “It was a gray 2014-2016 Scion tC. We didn’t get plates but there were multiple witnesses and the front right exterior of the car was torn off.”


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