Go To This Public Meeting About Protected Bike Lanes on 2nd, 5th and 6th Streets

On January 29, 2019, the City of Philadelphia’s oTIS (Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Suatainability) is hosting an Open House at Yards Brewery from 6-7:30 pm to discuss upcoming protected bike lane projects.

You should go. Voice your opinion about these important projects, and let’s make sure Philadelphia’s protected bike lane network gets built!

Protected bike lanes make corridors safer for people walking, biking, and driving, make dedicated space for bicycles in the roadway and encourage more Philadelphians to consider biking for transportation. The meeting will focus on bicycle lane projects on 2nd, 5th, & 6th Streets. Come and share your thoughts on these upcoming projects. Below is a summarization of the upcoming projects that will be discussed at the meetings.

RSVP for that meeting here, and see some of the details from OTIS as to what is proposed, and why, below:


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The Case of the Mysterious 22nd Street Bike Lane Gap

Gap in the 22nd Street bike lane between Winter and the Parkway

For those of you who bike north on 22nd Street, you’ve most likely been wondering … well … a lot of things. Among them: what happened to the bike lane between Winter Street and the Parkway?

When the Streets Department repaved 22nd in August 2018, they ended the bike lane at Winter Street.

When PennDOT refurbished the deck of the 22nd Street bridge in 2018, they didn’t put in the bike lane.


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Here are Some MLK Day Service Opportunities We Recommend

BCYC Youth at new Sedgley Porterhouse location

Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling: Work Party at BCYC Headquarters on Lemon Hill!

  • Join BCYC staff on indoor and outdoor projects to help get the Youth Cycling Headquarters ready for Spring opening!
  • 9am-12noon
  • Hot drinks and snacks will be provided.
  • RSVP Here

South Philadelphia: Don’t Shoot I Want a Future

  • Dixon House hosted by Ralph Brooks Park
  • 1529 S. 22nd Street
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Point of Contact: Ella Best


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Read our Letter to PennDOT About Protected Bike Lanes on State Roads

Pictured: Illegal on PennDOT roads, for some reason

In late December last year, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia wrote a letter to PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards urging PennDOT’s General Counsel to revise its 2017 decision that PennDOT will not permit the installation of parking protected bike lanes on state roads.

We believe that this decision not only impedes the installation of state-of-the-art protected bike lanes for municipalities looking to implement better safety designs, it also negatively impacts public safety, incurs unnecessary expenses by municipalities, and distracts from finding solutions for the oncoming transportation crisis.

In the past, PennDOT has ignored preferred improved safety designs from municipalities such as York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, and implemented their (PennDOT) own infrastructure, leaving alternative designs to be installed and funded by municipalities.

Read the entire letter here. We are still waiting to hear back from PennDOT, and, if they do not respond or respond negatively, will take further action.

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Thank You Bicycle Club of Philadelphia!

The Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling program is expanding, as planned, this year, opening a new education headquarters on Lemon Hill and adding an additional site for the season, Roxborough High. What wasn’t planned, though, was the announcement that one of the program’s founding sponsors, ASE, was starting to restructure due to financial concerns.

Enter the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia.

The club and their leadership has decided to pass the hat and have come up with a $2,500 bronze sponsorship, and will appear on the BCYC jersey this year.

They’ve even mounted a campaign for additional donations through their webpage.

BCGP and BCP have more in common than a similar acronym – we have a long history together of improving cycling opportunities. We salute the club and its members for investing in our youth program this year, ensuring a successful season and providing resources to fill a gap in gear.

Taylor Kuyk-White (right) with Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling athletes Mya Miller, Krystal Philson, and Devante Bivens

If your cycling club would like to challenge its membership to provide resources for our cyclists, please read more about the program here or contact Alan Spooner ( But you’ll want to act fast to be recognized on this year’s jersey — our deadline for kit design is February 1st.

Thanks again to the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia for your vital support this year!

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BCGP Suburbs At Full Strength: New Chair For Bike Bucks County

Back: Pat Budd -Bucks-, Amarjit Singh -Delaware-, Robert Dredge -Chester-, Jordan Mead -Camden-, Don Pillsbury -Mercer-; Front: Leonard Bonarek -BCGP-, Chaz Caramanna -Burlington-; Not pictured: Rebecca Kreck and Alexandria Schneider of Gloucester and Montgomery Counties

On Wednesday January 9, Pat Budd, a cycling advocate with 50 years of commuting experience, joined the Bicycle Coalition as the new Chair of Bike Bucks County (BBC). Pat didn’t accept this new volunteer position lightly. He came to the meeting of our affiliate Chairs to get a more full understanding of the commitment, and at the end of the night signed on.

Pat replaces Rich Grafius, who had held the position in an interim capacity after BCC Chair Ken Boyle stepped down. This marks the first time in our history that we are at full strength in the suburbs, with a Chair in each of the eight suburban counties in the Philadelphia region. We’re excited about the potential to change the paradigm of suburban transportation!

Looking to get more involved in our growing suburban work? Like the facebook page for your county and send your chair a message!

Other ways to get in touch with our suburban movement: Biking the Suburbs FB Group, Biking The Suburbs Twitter Page, email and you’ll be connected via email to your county chair.

Through advocacy and education, the Bicycle Coalition leads the movement to make bicycling a safe and fun way to get around for anyone in Greater Philadelphia. We’re a member-funded organization, and we can’t advocate for building out the region’s bicycle network without your support. Join or donate today to partner with us and make your ride better.

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On Tuesday, Three Positive Bike Lane Meetings

A board from the Washington Square West Civic Association Meeting (via Jameson Gitto)

There were three meetings throughout Center City, Philadelphia, on Tuesday, regarding bike infrastructure.

All the meetings went objectively well, and will help move Philadelphia in the direction of a better, safer, connected network throughout Center City.


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Wissahickon Path Reopens After Terrible Lincoln Drive Crash


A horrendous crash on Lincoln Drive last weekend closed the Wissahickon Trail—but it is been inspected by the city, and has been reopened.

Last weekend, the driver of a motor vehicle crashed through the guardrail at a curve on Lincoln Drive, sending their car off a cliff and slamming into a bike/ped bridge on the trail.

We’ve been told the driver of the vehicle is OK.

But since the driver’s car hit the bridge, city engineers had to go out to assess the damage and make sure it’s still safe to use.


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North 13th Street Protected Bike Lane Coming Along

Photo: Daniel Paschall

A new parking-protected bike lane is coming to 13th Street in North, South, and Center City, Philadelphia. The north section of that parking-protected lane, between Girard and Cecil B. Moore, is coming along, with motor vehicle parking already been moved over to the outside of the bike lane.


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Help Fund Infrastructure, and Other Minimum Requirements for E-Scooter Companies in Philadelphia

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been monitoring e-scooter rollouts and usage in cities around the country in preparation for Philadelphia’s own potential e-scooter revolution.

After an On The Table Philly conversation with some concerned citizens in November 2018, we have outlined several of the minimum requirements we’d like to see e-scooter companies adhere to if, and when, e-scooter sharing becomes a thing in Philadelphia. These requirements are based on what companies are already required to do in cities across the country, what the Bicycle Coalition believes should be done, and what those who came to our On The Table Philly discussion talked about.

Based on our On The Table feedback and meetings with scooter companies opting to operate in Philadelphia, here are the suggestions we’ve heard if, and when, scooter sharing comes to Philadelphia. The following ideas are a mix of suggestions presented by all those groups.*


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