27th Street Protected Bike Lane Should Include Traffic Separators

Cyclist turning on to 27th and South St being squeezed by turning motorists (Video)

After a 15-month waiting period for the Philadelphia Water Department to finish a project, the Philadelphia Streets Department and the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability announced to neighborhood groups that the City will install the South and 27th Street protected bike lanes before the end of the 2018 paving season.

These protected bike lanes will provide safer and more comfortable access to and from the South Street Bridge, the most-biked bridge in Pennsylvania.

We recommend now — as we did more than a year ago — that the City install heavy duty traffic separators, like Tuff-Curb, on 27th Street to better separate fast moving motor vehicle traffic from bicycle traffic.


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La cuidad pasa el proyecto de ley del senado 172

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, AARP-PA, AAA y el resto de la Alianza de Visión Cero de Filadelfia (Vision Zero Alliance Philadelphia), trabajaron durante varios años para obtener el Proyecto de Ley del Senado 172, que legalizó las cámaras de velocidad a lo largo de Roosevelt Boulevard en el norte y noreste de Filadelfia.

Y hoy, Visión Zero Alliance celebró una larga victoria por la seguridad del tráfico en Filadelfia en una conferencia de prensa de la Alcaldía sobre el primer año de Vision Zero.

La victoria fue un gran esfuerzo grupal, junto con el apoyado por el representante estatal John Taylor (R-Filadelfia), y fue posible gracias a la feroz defensa de Latanya Byrd, residente del noreste de Filadelfia. En 2013, Byrd perdió a su sobrina, y a tres de los hijos de su sobrina, por conductores quien andaban aceleraron en Roosevelt Boulevard.

Ella ha trabajado con Bicycle Coalition y Vision Zero Alliance durante los últimos dos años para legalizar las cámaras de velocidad y hacer que Filadelfia sea más segura.

“No quiero que ninguna familia pase por lo que pasa la mía”, dijo Byrd en el ayuntamiento el viernes. “Y es con un corazón pesado que declaramos esta victoria hoy”.


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City Touts Speed Camera Law at Vision Zero Event

Latanya Byrd speaks at Friday’s Vision Zero press conference

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, AARP-PA, AAA, and the rest of the Philadelphia Vision Zero Alliance, worked over several years to get Senate Bill 172 – which legalized speed cameras along Roosevelt Boulevard in North and Northeast Philadelphia – passed.

And today, the Vision Zero Alliance celebrated long-fought victory for traffic safety in Philadelphia at a Mayoral press conference about the first year of Vision Zero.

The victory was a large group effort, supported by State Rep. John Taylor (R-Philadelphia), and was made possible through the fierce advocacy of Northeast Philadelphia resident Latanya Byrd. In 2013, Byrd lost her niece, and three of her niece’s children, to speeding drivers on Roosevelt Boulevard.

She has worked with the Bicycle Coalition and Vision Zero Alliance over the last two years to legalize speed cameras and make Philadelphia safer.

“I want no family to go through what mine has,” Byrd said at City Hall on Friday. “And it’s with a heavy heart that we declare this victory today.”


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Chester County closing in on 4-mile Schuylkill River Trail gap

Tyler Martin from Wilson Consulting Group discusses the SRT Phase 2 in Chester County with Bicycle Coalition membersDr. Michael Broennle, Gail Lipstein and Charles Marshall

On Wednesday, October 17th, Chester County Planning held an Open House in East Conventry to provide the public with an update on Phase 2 of the Schuylkill River Trail between Parker Ford at Linfield Road and the US 422 bridge over the Schuylkill River.

Phase 1 of the Schuylkill River Trail was constructed in 2012 with a stone surface. This project will resurface that 5.75 mile section with bituminous pavement and construct a new4.00 mile shared use path (trail) on a former rail-bed and towpath. The 10-foot wide path will be paved with no grades greater than 5 percent.\


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View All Northwest Trails Posters

Approximately 80 people came to the Northwest Circuit Trails Open House at the Manayunk Brew Pub on Tuesday, September 25, to discuss upcoming trail projects coming to Northwest Philadelphia and close suburbs. There are numerous trail and canal projects underway in several NorthwestPhilly neighborhoods, Lower Merion and Whitemarsh Townships that will build out the Circuit over the next 3-6 years.

Fourteen different public agencies, trail “Friends of” groups, and one real estate developer brought poster boards describing their projects.  They included: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Water Department, Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County Planning Commission, SEPTA, Office of Transportation & Infrastructure, Manayunk Development Corporation, Roxborough Conservancy, West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Friends of Cynwyd Heritage Trail, Friends of the Cresheim Trail, Friends of the Wissahickon, Schuylkill Environmental Education Center and Penn Real Estate Group.


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Thank You For Another Amazing Gala!

Our 2018 Gala & Awards Dinner was an incredible success thanks to all of you in our warm and generous community. After all of the hard work that we put into planning this event, it was inspiring to see everyone come together to celebrate cycling, to have fun and see the impact we can make at the same time.

We were able to raise over $127,000 for our advocacy and education programs, which is especially important for our scholarship fund since we’ll have 12 BCYC youth graduating next year. Our extreme gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed during the evening and to everyone who supported us ahead of time to make this event possible.

Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart kicked off the Awards portion of the night by outlining some of our most recent successes for cycling and street safety in Philadelphia, like the passage of the automated speed camera bill and a rise in the bike commuting mode share, not only in the city but throughout the suburban counties, after a several year lull. 

BCYC alum and 2018 scholarship recipient Mya Miller reflected on how being a part of BCYC allowed her to successfully face things she had previously been afraid of–challenging hill workouts, public speaking, even choosing a college.

“I was scared: scared of being judged, scared of messing up. As a member of the Youth Advisory Committee,  I was picked to go to the 2016 Youth Bike Summit, a gathering of youth cyclists held every year. My first presentation at the Summit I was absolutely terrified, but the crowd loved it. As time went on, I practiced public speaking, whether it be through school, my other leadership programs or BCYC. When the time for my presentation at the 2017 Youth Bike Summit came,  I was ecstatic. I literally could not wait to share the presentation my teammates and I had made with everyone.”

Guests then got to hear from Connect the Circuit Award winner Michael DiBerardinis and BCYC Award winner Caitlin Thompson about their work expanding cycling opportunities in the region through infrastructure and programming.

President of the Philadelphia Eagles Don Smolenski closed out the party with his acceptance of the Maguire Award. We recognized the Philadelphia Eagles for their environmental leadership in the sports industry and Smolenski for his role in launching the Eagles Autism Challenge (returning next year on May 18th), a one-day bike ride bringing thousands of cyclists to the city’s streets.

See the highlight photos from the event here, full gallery coming soon!

4 Miles of New Lanes and 9 Miles of Upgrades: 2017 Philly Bike Infrastructure

Buffered bike lanes on Welsh Rd in Northeast Philadelphia

Upgraded bike lanes on Welsh Rd in Northeast Philadelphia

According to the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), the City of Philadelphia added and improved 33 miles of on-road bike infrastructure (bike lanes and sharrows) in 2017. Included in this number are approximately 4 miles of new bike lanes and 9 miles of existing conventional bike lanes that were upgraded with a painted buffer. The City’s resurfacing program brought smooth pavement and fresh striping to 11 miles of existing bike lanes. These lanes have been added to our bike lane map.

You may have noticed or heard about improvements that have happened in 2018. The City’s paving program won’t be completed until November but the bike lane on 22nd St between the Ben Franklin Parkway and Spring Garden St was upgraded to a protected bike lane. Also, 1.5 miles buffered bike lanes were added to Lindbergh Blvd in Southwest Philadelphia. More buffered bike lane upgrades, including some with delineator posts, are expected before paving season ends later this fall.


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BCYC explores Bucks County

On Sunday, October 14th, BCYC All Stars and coaches woke up with the sun and trekked up to Tinicum Park in Bucks County for the annual Covered Bridges Ride.

The ride is put on by Central Bucks Bicycle Club, a longtime supporter of BCYC. Youth athletes look forward to it every year as an opportunity to get in some base miles and spend a beautiful fall day along the Delaware River:

“The Covered Bridges ride is a great opportunity to see different areas of Bucks County with lots of wide open scenery and also is an opportunity to meet some interesting new people” -Devante Bivens, Race team athlete

“It’s an exhilarating, slightly cold experience that will leave you satisfied” – Junius Jones, All Star


Yield at Stop Signs, Side Guards, Protected Bike Lanes: Our (and PPAC’s) State Legislative Priorities

Editor’s Note: Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart is also the Chair of the state of Pennsylvania’s Pedalcycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. As such, she has made the following legislative issues priorities for the committee, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and our partners in the Vision Zero Alliance. She sent the following letter to PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards earlier this week.

October 15, 2018

Dear Secretary Leslie Richards,

On behalf of the Commonwealth’s Pedalcycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PPAC), I am writing to you today to convey the Committee’s support for several legislative initiatives that we hope PennDOT will support in the forthcoming 2019-2010 Session. The list of these initiatives were approved by a majority of voting members of the Committee.


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New Protection Going in Along 22nd, South

Half blocks of 22nd Street and South Street are receiving flex-posts to better protect cyclists from parked cars, with more to come.

On Wednesday, a crew was seen installing plastic flex-posts on 22nd Street, for a half block, between South Street and Rodman Street. The work crew was hired by the building owner, who agreed to put in the infrastructure after community concerns, public and private meetings, and the threat (but not filing) of a lawsuit. Councilman Johnson, who represents the 2nd Councilmanic District, and the Streets Department were also involved.

As noted by Councilman Johnson’s office, constituents and community organizations raised concerns about the intersection. Among the constituents raising concerns: About 25 cyclists who showed up earlier this summer for a human-protected bike lane, after Elisabeth Zasiris had been hit by a driver, after trying to avoid a vehicle parked in the bike lane.

As many will recall, cyclists have long advocated for better infrastructure along 22nd Street, with plungers once being glued to the edge of the bike lane overnight in the summer of 2017. The Bicycle Coalition is also advocating for a complete protected 22nd Street, between South and North Philadelphia.


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