Tracking Traffic Violence

A Database to Document Philadelphia’s Traffic Fatalities

Too many people die in vehicular crashes in Philadelphia. This page tracks traffic fatalities in the City of Philadelphia in real time and historically (2016) to increase awareness inspire action. Click here to add your name and support Vision Zero in Philadelphia!




Hit & Runs














Children & Youth


Dec 13, 2017


Hit & Run

Unknown, 31

Adult Passenger

The passenger who was in the back seat was ejected from the vehicle as a result of the accident. His body was launched about 30 feet

Dec 10, 2017


Hit & Run

Unknown, 30

Adult Pedestrian

A woman was killed after police said she was pushed out of a moving pickup truck and then run over by another vehicle in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

Nov 28, 2017


Emily Fredricks, 24

Adult Bicyclist

It happened just before 7:30 a.m. as the truck was making a right hand turn at 11th and Spruce Streets, just as the cyclist was continuing westbound on Spruce, along the bike lane.

Nov 25, 2017



Adult Passenger

The crash happened just after 2 a.m. along the southbound outer lanes in the city's Frankford section. The driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree, killing the female passenger.

Nov 14, 2017


Shien Ching Shen, 78

Adult Pedestrian Seniors

The accident occurred just before 2:15 p.m. on the southbound inner lanes at Tyson Avenue, police said. The woman had crossed halfway across the boulevard and had stepped off the center grass divider when she was hit by a 2006 Ford Ranger. Medics pronounced the woman dead at the scene.

Nov 1, 2017


Richard Gussman, 75

Adult Passenger Seniors

A 75-year-old man who was a passenger in a 2014 Dodge Avenger died early Thursday after the car slammed into a North Philadelphia building, police said.

Oct 20, 2017


Unknown, 26

Adult Motorcyclist

Police say the 26-year-old man from Media was speeding when he hit a guardrail and was thrown from the bike.

Oct 14, 2017


Hit & Run

Eric Magny, 31

Adult Pedestrian

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday on the 2200 block of E. Allegheny Avenue near Tulip Street. Offending driver was allegedly speeding after swerving around a tractor trailer and hit the victim.

Oct 9, 2017


Unknown, 40

Adult Driver

A 40-year-old man was killed and two people were injured in a multi-vehicle crash at the intersections of Bustleton and Grant Avenues in Northeast Philadelphia.

Oct 5, 2017



Adult Motorcyclist

Police said the motorcycle driver flew off the motorcycle and landed in the westbound lanes.

Oct 5, 2017


Unknown, 41

Adult Motorcyclist

Police say the 41-year-old victim lost control of his bike around 3 a.m. He was tossed into the roadway and hit by the driver of a car.

Sep 24, 2017


Ronald Lebby, 80

Adult Bicyclist Seniors

No details yet. Elderly man in his 80's died in a bicycle crash

Sep 27, 2017


Unknown, 36

Adult Driver

A 36-year-old woman is dead and two children were taken to the hospital after a trolley and vehicle collided in Philadelphia's Northern Liberties section.

Sep 23, 2017


Hit & Run

Unknown, 47

Adult Pedestrian

Victim was crossing Glenwood Avenue at Broad Street in the southbound lane around 1 a.m. Saturday when he was run down by a car. The impact sent the victim several feet from the initial crash scene.

Sep 10, 2017


Hit & Run

Normal Ewing, 73

Pedestrian Seniors

Victim was leaving a friend's house, and was getting into his car when he was hit at Magee and Torresdale. Driver continued on and crashed into more vehicles, charged.

Aug 31, 2017


Hit & Run

Lorenzo Vasquez, 19

Adult Bicyclist

Lorenzo was traveling north on C St was struck by a driver crossing on E. Ashdale St. The driver then left the scene of the crash.

Sep 8, 2017


Unknown, 27

Adult Motorcyclist

Driver lost control of his motorcycle and hit a fixed object.

Aug 6, 2017


Hit & Run

Ann Broderick, 53

Adult Pedestrian

Ms. Broderick was critically injured by motorist, who left her to die on Center City Street.

Aug 4, 2017


Unknown, 36

Adult Pedestrian

Pedestrian killed by motorist in Kensington

Jul 27, 2017


Unknown, 89

Adult Pedestrian Seniors

Police say a 62-year-old woman driving a Toyota lost control and struck two other vehicles traveling in the same direction on Grant. The driver then continued onto the sidewalk and struck the victim before coming to a complete stop.

Aug 2, 2017


George James, 43

Adult Motorcyclist

Man killed when his motorcycle was struck by a motor vehicle on Kelly Drive

Jul 22, 2017


Hit & Run

Sean Patrick Grange, 30

Adult Pedestrian

Mr. Grange was killed while walking on Montgomery Drive off ramp of I-76

Aug 21, 2017


Unknown, 45

Adult Pedestrian

Man killed while walking across Haribson and Roosevelt Boulevard

Jun 25, 2017


Phillip West,

Adult Pedestrian

A man identified as a pedestrian was killed by a motor vehicle on I-676

Jul 14, 2017


Unknown, 20

Adult Pedestrian

Pedestrian was killed while crossing Parkside Avenue

Jul 8, 2017


Unknown, 27

Adult Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist crashed into truck on Ben Franklin Parkway while doing wheelies

Jul 4, 2017


Unknown, 60

Adult Driver

Driver lost control of his car on I-95 near Front Street

Jun 28, 2017


Errol Catchings, 35

Adult Pedestrian

Errol Catchings was killed while crossing Roosevelt Boulevard

Jun 23, 2017


Unknown, 18

Child Motorcyclist Driver

18 yo dirt bike driver was killed when it collided with 2 parked cars and a truck in Hunting Park

Jun 14, 2017


Unknown, 25

Adult Driver

A motorist died after his car hit a pole on Ogontz Ave, flipping his car.

Jun 13, 2017


Peter Jasvicas, 76

Pedestrian Seniors

Mr. Jasvicas was walking on JFK Boulevard sidewalk when a car jumped the curb, striking him and another victim. He died of his injuries the next day.

Jun 12, 2017


Unknown, 40

Adult Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist lost control while speeding and crashed into taxi on Lindbergh Blvd

Jun 11, 2017




Motorist hit pole on I-95 near Girard Avenue

Jun 10, 2017


Rosa Lydia Rojas, 28


DUI motorist kills Rosa Rojas and injures 9 yo son who were standing on Port RIchmond street corner.

May 22, 2017



Adult Driver

Speeding motorist dies in multi-car crash in Juniata that injured 4-5 others

May 18, 2017


Carmelo Mangual, 16

Child Motorcyclist Driver

Mr. Mangual was killed in head-on collision while riding motorcycle.

Apr 25, 2017


unknown, 77

Adult Seniors

Driver dies after suffering a heart attack and crashing into parked cars and a tree

Apr 18, 2017


Michelle Kolk, 40

Adult Pedestrian

Ms.Kolk died from her injuries after being struck by a police car on a park path.

Apr 23, 2017


Melford Pinckney, 48

Adult Pedestrian Seniors

Mr. Pinckney was struck and killed while crossing Roosevelt Boulevard

Apr 14, 2017


Marshaye Flowers , 40

Adult Passenger

Marshaye Flowers was one of two passengers killed in a SUV that struck a parked tractor trailer on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Apr 14, 2017


Asia Nicole Holland, 25

Adult Passenger

Ms. Holland and another passenger were killed when their SUV hit a legally parked tractor trailer on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Apr 2, 2017


Unknown, 22

Adult Passenger

22 yo woman killed when car struck deer and utility pole on wet road

Mar 31, 2017


Unkown, 60

Adult Driver

60 yo man lost control & collided head-on w vehicle traveling SB on Henry Ave.

Mar 30, 2017


Unknown, 56

Adult Driver

A 56yo man died after his vehicle was struck by another car that ran a red light.

Mar 24, 2017




Driver crashed car crashed into barrier, where it burst into flames.

Mar 20, 2017




Driver died when car crashed into pole

Mar 19, 2017


Unkown, 20

Adult Passenger

Head on collision on Old York Road kills passenger

Feb 21, 2017


Dennis Alexander, 27

Adult Passenger

Two cars crashed into a third on Woodhaven Road striking Dennis Alexander.

Feb 12, 2017


Hit & Run

Caroline Morgan, 56

Adult Driver

While sitting in her parked car, Caroline Morgan was killed by DUI Anthony Russino.

Feb 4, 2017


Unknown, 30

Adult Passenger

DUI driver slams head on into other car, killing her passenger.

Jan 31, 2017


Danny Dimitri, 50

Adult Pedestrian

Mr. Dimitri was struck & killed by speeding motorist, an off duty police officer.

Jan 29, 2017


Hit & Run

Loraya Braxton, 10

Child Pedestrian

DUI Ken Ruch struck and killed Loraya Braxton & her sister Kimberly Phillips.

Jan 29, 2017


Hit & Run

Kimberly Phillips, 19

Adult Pedestrian

DUI Ken Ruch struck and killed Kimberly Phillips and her 10 year old sister.

Jan 27, 2017


Hit & Run

Catherine Brown, 48

Adult Pedestrian

Ms. Brown was killed by hit & run motorist while crossing street with toddler

Jan 27, 2017


Unknown, 46


Motorcyclist died after crashing into SEPTA bus

Jan 1, 2017


Hit & Run

Unknown, 71

Adult Pedestrian Seniors

Motorist hit and killed 71 year old man and fled before crashing into a fence