Group Ride Meet-Ups

Group rides have the potential to spring up from time to time—whether for a good reason, or a sad one—and, often, it’s important those rides attract as many people as possible.

In the wake of Emily Fredrick’s death on her bicycle in December 2017, a fellow cyclist came to the Bicycle Coalition and suggested a way to make group rides easier.

Or, more specifically, getting to group rides.

The cyclist noted that it’s often difficult for cyclists to get to group rides — especially when those rides begin and end in Center City. He suggested a series of meet-up spots in Philly neighborhoods that will allow cyclists to meet up beforehand and ride together, which will not only help cyclists meet each other, but creates a “safety in numbers” atmosphere. This is not only safer for cyclists, but encourages more cyclists who are not necessarily as experienced, to participate.

Below, find the Bicycle Coalition’s Suggested* Meet-Up Spots for Future Group Rides. Use this page when you’re headed to a group ride, anywhere in the city, from your neighborhood. Our recommendation: Meet at these spots about an hour before the time each group ride is scheduled to begin.

*Got better ideas for meet-up spots in your neighborhood? Email us here and let us know.

Southwest Philadelphia
West Philadelphia (south)
West Philadelphia (north)
Northwest Philadelphia (north)
Northwest Philadelphia (south)
North Philadelphia (north)
North Philadelphia (south)
Northeast Philadelphia (north)
Northeast Philadelphia (south)
Center City
South Philadelphia (east)
South Philadelphia (west)
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