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The City of Philadelphia has hundreds of miles of new bike lanes planned for installation. But sometimes, But sometimes, visible public support is needed to nudge along the implementation of city plans. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has put together a bike lane tool kit to help you understand the who, what, where, when, and why of Philadelphia bike lanes — and to help empower you to use your voice to support the installation of more bike lanes on roads that are important to you.

How do bike lanes get installed in Philadelphia?
Installation Process
Legislation Governing Bike Lanes
Philadelphia's Pedestrian/Bicycle Network

Philadelphia City Council Districts

Let’s say you want a bike lane in your Councilmanic District. The best way to go about getting one is to contact your local representative. (If you don’t know what district you live in, find out here.) Below, find a map of your Councilmanic District, information on your representative, and how you can contact them about better bike lanes.

District Council 1
District Council 2
District Council 3
District Council 4
District Council 5
District Council 6
District Council 7
District Council 8
District Council 9
District Council 10

Glossary of Bicycle Facilities

13th St_Wash Ave Bike Box

To best understand Philadelphia’s bicycle facilities, and what sort of facility would work best where, we’ve created a glossary of all types of bike facilities available in Philadelphia. Click below for a description and visual representation of each facility.

Bike Box
Buffered Bike Lane
Bus/Bike Lane
Climbing Lane
Contraflow Lane
Green Bike Lane
Mixing Zone
Protected Bike Lane/Cycletrack
Protected Intersection
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