Philadelphia may have nearly 230 miles of bike lanes, but the bike network needs more in order to close gaps and make our streets safer. Additionally, higher quality bike lanes are needed to improve safety and encourage more bicycling. Many factors control when and where bike lanes are installed by the City of Philadelphia.  One of those factors is the support of City Council members. Sometimes, there is a need to make clear to City Council members that they have constituent support for more and better bike lanes.

While Council approval is not needed for the Streets Department to install standard (5 foot painted) bike lanes, Council support helps! Formal Council approval is required to put in protected lanes that replaces a lane designated for motor vehicle traffic.

That’s why the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia the Bike Lane Toolkit: To give cyclists and supporters of safer streets a voice in government.

In 2016, the Bicycle Coalition and supporters met with City Councilmembers to advocate for more, and better, bike lanes throughout Philadelphia. This particular campaign is over, but if you’re interested in updates on bike lane upgrades throughout Philadelphia, click here to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter.