Overview and Goals

Cadence Youth Cycling fosters healthy habits, independence and leadership in Philadelphia youth one ride at a time.

  • Cadence aims to grow stronger, happier, and better prepared leaders of next generation.
  • In 2016, Cadence has 7 teams in Philadelphia with roughly 100 athletes.
  • Cadence Youth increase their physical fitness and well-being through cycling practices and nutrition education.

Despite its focus on cycling, Cadence Youth Cycling is not just about riding and racing.

  • Each cycling practice incorporates teaching life skills, such as teamwork, perseverance, and goal setting.
  • Cadence students that endeavor leadership skills receive college workshops and career preparation.
  • Cadence provides seniors with the opportunity to become junior coaches and graduates of the program with the opportunity to coach Cadence teams.

Read our 2016 Cadence Youth Cycling Annual Report here.

Read Bicycling Magazine‘s 2011 feature story about the original program here.

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