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Introducing Our Newest Program: TASCC

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is pleased to announce our newest initiative: Technical Assistance for Suburban Circuit Communities, aka “TASCC.” This strategic effort is being established to aid suburban local activists and decision-makers who want to connect their community to The Circuit, our region’s 800+ mile network of multi-use trails. When The Circuit is […]

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1 in 10

First day back from winter break. Day after my crew killed it at the Mummers Parade, first day back after many days off. WHYY says it’s 10 degrees. I’m warm in my kitchen looking out at salt bleached roads and huddled, scrunched shouldered people shuffling quickly, miserably. Thinking about taking SEPTA. Is Post Vacation Depression in […]

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Elderly Woman Killed Crossing The Street On Washington

Tragedy struck again on December 22, as a so-far unidentified 83-year-old woman was killed by a driver crossing Washington Avenue before dawn. Early reports have yielded few details but we will update this post as information comes in. Washington Ave is a four lane road that with a center turn lane that serves as a parking/loading area […]

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Truck Side Guards Save Lives

On the morning of November 29th, Emily Fredricks was killed on a bicycle when the driver of trash truck failed to yield as he was turning right. Just three weeks later, Becca Refford was suffered serious injuries when a right turning box truck failed to yield. Much of the attention has been the lack of protection of the buffered bike lanes and intersections. But another […]

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Community Connections: The Circuit 2017 Wrap Up

Sound the horns, the Circuit Trails network is growing! The network’s eventual total has increased from 750 to more than 800 miles due to the addition of newly planned segments, including the Cross County trail in Camden. The Circuit Trails network, which crosses nine counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (click here for map), now […]

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Another Bucks County Cyclist Killed, This Time by a Hit-and-Run Driver

Early this morning, we learned from the tragic news that another cyclists was struck and killed in Bucks County. Details are very preliminary, but the cyclist, subsequently identified as Kevin Williams, was apparently struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver who was traveling north on Rt 13 in Bristol Borough. Mr. Williams is the […]

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Report From West Chestnut Street Vision Zero Meeting

By Bob Previdi On Wednesday, November 8th 2017, the Vision Zero Alliance organized a community listening session at the YMCA in West Philadelphia. This event brought residents of the community together to talk about road safety issues and what improvements they would like to see happen in the future. This session focused on the issues […]

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Ghost Bike Dedication for Emily Fredricks This Saturday

On Saturday, December 23, at noon, there will be a “Ghost Bike” Dedication for Emily Fredricks at 11th and Spruce. All are welcome to attend. Fredricks, a pastry chef who worked in Center City, was killed while riding her bicycle to work on November 29. In the bike lane at 11th and Spruce Streets, she was right-hooked […]

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Nearly 100 Come Out For 13th Street Human-Protected Bike Lane

On Tuesday morning, nearly 100 cyclists came out—again—to create a human protected bike lane along 13th Street in Center City, where Becca Refford was right-hooked and run over by a truck last Friday. Refford was badly injured by the truck driver, and, according to her family, will be bed-ridden for about two months. 5,830 total views, 0 views […]

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Mayor Kenney Responds to Bicycle Coalition’s Letter Calling for More Action on Vision Zero

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia sent a letter with seven actions on Vision Zero to the City of Philadelphia, and nearly 1,500 of you co-signed on them. The requests, detailed here, were a direct response to the death of Emily Fredricks, killed while riding her bike on Spruce Street in Center City, Philadelphia. Clearly, there […]

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