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Work off the Turkey with these Weekend Rides

The Bicycle Coalition isn’t holding any post-Thanksgiving rides this year — but some of our area friends are. And if you want to get outside and work off some of that turkey over the next couple days, check out some of these rides: Our friends at the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia have a bunch of […]

Join Us For ‘Learning From Copenhagen’ on Dec. 4

  As you may recall, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Executive Director traveled with the City of Philadelphia to Copenhagen on a study tour in 2016. She learned a lot! Well, in early October, Philadelphia officials traveled once again to Copenhagen with the Knight Foundation to learn about best practices in planning accessible, connected cities […]

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West Chestnut Street Bike Lane Means Better, More, Cyclists

By Kyle Hearing In an effort to understand the impact of the West Chestnut Street parking-protected bike lane, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been busy collecting data. Two sets of recent bike counts gathered data on bicyclist behavior before and after the lane was installed, while an online survey was used to learn more about what […]

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Better Bike Share teams up with North American Bikeshare Association for 2018 conference

By Stefani Cox The news is out! Next September 4-7th brings a joint bike share conference to Portland, Oregon. The conference will be a partnership between the North American Bikeshare Association and the Better Bike Share Partnership, with involvement and support from the Portland Bureau of Transportation. 783 total views, no views today

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Founder of Helmet Company AnneeLondon Makes Forbes ’30 Under 30’

Philly-based entrepreneur Rachel Benyola has been named to Forbes’ ’30 Under 30’ list for 2018. Benyola was chosen for her innovation in the bicycling industry. Through her company AnneeLondon, she’s been working on a new collapsible bicycle helmet. The product is not available for purchase, yet. But it will be soon. According to a recent […]

Shien Ching Shen Killed by Motorist on Roosevelt Boulevard

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, and following us on social media, you know that we’ve been advocating for speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia. Why? Because speed cameras are a proven tool to curb traffic deaths, and the Boulevard is the deadliest road in all of Philadelphia. That reality came to a […]

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These Bike Lanes Need to be Restriped ASAP

Philadelphians are concerned about the condition of our city’s streets, and so is the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. That’s why we’re continuing to advocate for the restriping of important city bike lanes before winter sets in.  While we want every bike lane on our Faded Bike Lane map to be restriped, we’ve put together a list […]

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Federal Tax Bill Kills Bicycle Commuter Benefit

Incredibly, the latest version of a federal new tax bill would eliminate the Bicycle Commuting Benefit. The Bicycle Commuter Benefit was created in 2009 as a way to encourage more people to commute by bicycle — and more businesses to encourage their employees to do so. It does so by allowing any employer to provide […]

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Residents Survey: Better Streets Among Top Concerns for Philadelphians

According to the City of Philadelphia’s 2016-2017 Philadelphia Resident Survey Report, street conditions rank as one of the top concerning issues for residents of the city. Streets repairs and cleaning were of the utmost concern to city residents, with 49 percent saying street repairs were poor in the city, and 56 percent saying lack of […]

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Bicycle Coalition Advocates for Full Bike Time Access on King of Prussia Rail Extension

This week SEPTA is holding public hearings on the Environmental Impact Study for the Route 100 Norristown High Speed Line extension from King of Prussia to the Valley Forge Casino. The Bicycle Coalition attended one of those meetings on Monday and testified on better bike access to the stations and bike racks on new rail cars, […]

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