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8-Year-Old Girl Killed by Driver in North Camden

On Thursday afternoon, 8-year-old Lela Cruz was struck and killed by an elderly motorist who lost control of his vehicle on the 400 block of State Street in North Camden. She was riding her bike on the sidewalk when the motorist drove over the curb, hit another adult victim and the stoop of a house, […]

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Bicycle Coalition and Philadelphia 3.0 to Co-Host ‘Vision Zero in Your Neighborhood: Becoming a Local Champion’

On Tuesday, January 30, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Philadelphia 3.0 will co-host “Vision Zero in Your Neighborhood: Becoming a Local Champion,” a short event explaining the politics involved in bicycling and other Vision Zero issues, and ways anyone can get involved to promote Vision Zero in their own communities. Taking place at […]

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Nearly 100 Come Out For 13th Street Human-Protected Bike Lane

On Tuesday morning, nearly 100 cyclists came out—again—to create a human protected bike lane along 13th Street in Center City, where Becca Refford was right-hooked and run over by a truck last Friday. Refford was badly injured by the truck driver, and, according to her family, will be bed-ridden for about two months. 6,135 total views, no […]

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West Chestnut St Clean Up Cancelled, and the Reason Will Shock You

Earlier this week, we noticed that the 4400 Block of Chestnut was becoming nearly impassible due to piles of rotting leaves. We partnered with University City District to organize a clean up for Saturday morning December 2nd. This morning, we noticed that the block was already cleaned! So, if you’re one of the folks who […]

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Inaction is Unacceptable: 7 Demands the Bicycle Coalition is Making to the City of Philadelphia for Better Bike Lanes and Safe Streets

Earlier this week, 24-year-old Emily Fredricks was killed on her bicycle by a private sanitation driver who made a right hook in front of her at 11th and Spruce Streets in Center City. Philadelphia’s bicycling community quickly got into action. A human-protected bike lane was set up on Wednesday morning and a vigil was held that […]

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Advocates Rally for Victims of Traffic Violence After Cyclist Killed on Spruce Street

By Yafa Dias Around 7:25 am Tuesday November 28th, at 11th and spruce, 24-year-old Emily Fredricks was hit and killed by a person driving a private sanitation truck. Fredricks had been cycling down Spruce Street in the bicycle lane when she was hit by the driver when he turned right on 11th street and right-hooked […]

Join us for a Vigil for Victims of Traffic Violence on Wednesday

Tragically, a bicyclist was killed on Tuesday morning after the driver of a private sanitation truck struck her at 11th and Spruce Streets in Center City. It marks the third bicyclist killed in Philadelphia in 2017 and, according to our counts, the 77th traffic death this year. It is time for a change. Spruce and […]

Come Hear About the Wissahickon Gateway Project

If you’re a cyclist who enjoys riding on Kelly Drive (and, really, who doesn’t?), then you know how annoying it can be to continue along the Schuylkill River Trail through Manayunk. That could change soon. Currently, people who use the Schuylkill River Trail and Kelly Drive for commuting or recreation run into an awkward spot […]

Take Action – Ask For Your NJ Counties to Set Aside Money For Circuit Trails

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), our local metropolitan planning organization that distributes regional transportation funding, has announced a 30-day public comment period for receiving public feedback on the draft New Jersey Transportation Improvement Program (NJTIP) Fiscal Year 2018-2021. The NJTIP is a regional transportation capital budget and provides details on how federal and state funding will […]

Federal and State Governments Attack Local Transportation Funds

In the federal government’s latest attack on local control, Republican Representative Rob Woodall recently introduced—and passed—and amendment that makes it harder for cities and towns to build transportation infrastructure. Woodall’s Amendment allows states to rescind unobligated transportation funding from local governments. Why’s this matter? Because local municipalities are granted a certain portion of funds for […]

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