$4 Million in New Grants for Ben Franklin Bridge Ramp

The Bicycle Coalition’s John Boyle pushes his bike up the ramp on the Camden side of the Bridge. (Photo: CP)

Good news, everyone: The Delaware River Port Authority received a $4 million grant for a new ramp on the Camden side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Work may finally begin on the ramp after several years of delays, plans, bids, applying for money, and what have you.


Help needed to create new MontCo Bike Mobility Plan

Calling all Montgomery County cyclists: we need your help.

In early July, Montgomery County received a $30,000 Transportation and Community Development Initiative grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) in order to create an entirely new Bicycle Mobility Plan, Bike Montco.

More recently, the county has created an interactive online map for cyclists to add their own input about bicycle accessibility in the area to provide feedback as the mobility plan moves forward.

The goals of the new plan tie into those of the county’s comprehensive plan, Montco 2040-A Shared Vision, which aims to improve bicycle and pedestrian accessibility in the area, improve the county’s health, community connections, as well as provide more transportation options while reducing the number of vehicle miles traveled.


New Philadelphia Play About Life in a Bike Shop

Editor’s note: This blogpost is about a play the title of which, and content of which, contains strong language.

Philadelphia’s young and creative playwright community has tackled the issue of failing bicycle shops in a humorous new Philadelphia play, Sh*theads.

The play, put on by Azuka Theatre in partnership with Fairmount Bicycles, was written by Playwright-In-Residence at Azuka Douglass Williams and directed by Kevin Glaccum. The story of the play focuses on Bert’s Bikes and Sports, a struggling bike shop in Lower Manhattan.


Worth Your Time: Systematic Safety, The Principles Behind Vision Zero

If you’re considering attending the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Vision Zero Conference on March 1, and would like some academic context on the policy to get your juices flowing, you can check out our numerous pages on Vision Zero, and you can watch the video below.

The eight-minute video offers an explanation of the Dutch “Sustainable Safety” policy. It was created by Professor Peter Furth of Northeastern University in Boston. It is definitely worth checking out.


Life in the Fast Lane: Biking on Kelly ‘Drive’

A recent article published by Philly Voice answered one disgruntled motorist’s complaints about cyclists on Kelly Drive using the roadway instead of the bike path.

The concerned driver commented on the “arrogant and dangerous” manner in which cyclists refuse to use the designated bike path, bringing up a legitimate safety concern that involves everyone, drivers and cyclists, as well as pedestrians.


Vision Zero Philadelphia 2017 Discusses Best Practices for Safe Streets


The Bicycle Coalition’s of Greater Philadelphia’s Vision Zero 2017 Conference takes place on March 1st at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and will bring together leading experts, elected officials and members of the public to share opportunities and best practices for creating local roadways that respect all human dignity and eliminate traffic deaths.

“The Bicycle Coalition’s goals for the third Vision Zero forum in Philadelphia are to illustrate the challenges to making city streets that respect human dignity and to highlight what the city can and will be doing in the long and short term to address those issues,” said Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart.


Princeton’s Bike Share Program Shows That Small Places Can Do It Too

It began in 2015 at a single location with the opening of the new Princeton Train Station (Dinky Line Shuttle),Princeton Bike Share is a joint project between Princeton University and the Municipality of Princeton. There are now 15 stations with nearly 100 bicycles in the system.

The system is managed by Zagster. A bike share company that manages more than 140 systems in the United States, including the Montgomery County Trails system (public) and West Chester University open to people affiliated with the University.


Philly Bike Race Petitions Delivered to Rep. Brady

Bicycle Coalition staff Sarah Clark Stuart and Bob Previdi giving Rep. Brady our Philly bike race petitions.

More than 2,000 people signed our petition to bring back the Philadelphia Cycling Classic (a.k.a. the “Manayunk Bike Race”) over the course of four days.

The Classic was cancelled for 2017 (for now), but we wanted the city to know that there are people from all over the city, and the country, who come out to see the race every year—and we want to do everything we can to bring it back.


In Attack on ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ PA Could Also De-Fund Bike Infrastructure

Pennsylvania State Capitol

The Pennsylvania State Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill on Tuesday that would withhold state money from so-called “Sanctuary Cities” in Pennsylvania—a move that, among many other things, could affect bicycle infrastructure and additional road safety measures in Philadelphia.

By a vote of 37-12, a bipartisan group of lawmakers passed the defunding bill, which could result in the loss of $638 million for Philadelphia, which has been declared a “sanctuary city” in recent years—meaning the municipality does not cooperate with the federal government in prosecuting undocumented workers for violating federal immigration laws, and providing those people with city services.


PennDOT Change Would Enable More Parking-Protected Bike Lanes


PennDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Roy Gothie recently offered a legislative agenda to the Pennsylvania Senate that would make it easier for cities like Philadelphia to construct parking-protected bike lanes and increase penalties for careless driving.

The legislation Gothie offered were amendments to the Motor Vehicle Code, the first of which would allow for motor vehicles to park more than 12 inches away from the curb.


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