Vote For Better Roads and Sidewalks on OpenDataVote

OpenDataVote encourages citizens to get involved in the process of open government and cultivates government transparency through the release of data and they asking you to vote for the data that you want the City of Philadelphia to publish on OpenDataPhilly

Non- Profit organizations were invited to submit data ideas. The three organizations that win the most votes for their nominations from the public will receive cash prizes. Every person gets to vote once every 24 hours and the deadline for voting is May 1st at 5PM.

We have nominated two data sets which we would like to see published. Sidewalk Inventory and Pavement Condition. As of 10 AM 0n April 25th Pavement Condition is currently in 6th place with 36 votes while Sidewalk Inventory is 8th place with 23 votes.

The most cost effective way to paint new bike lanes and crosswalks is to do so when streets are rehabilitated. Traffic engineers rate pavement condition of roads using the pavement condition index. Implementation of the City’s Ped/Bike Master Plan has been slowed by the limited resources given to the Streets Department. Poor pavement also affects all other road users with potholes and poor faded paint markings. Being able to document pavement condition will help the Bicycle Coalition measure the need to achieve a state of good repair.

Sidewalk inventory will help expose the gaps in the citywide sidewalk network. Releasing this data will raise awareness for the need of high quality sidewalks and help prioritize projects to create a seamless and accessible sidewalk network. This data could also be expanded for a future dataset that actually rates the condition of sidewalks.

VOTE for Pavement Condition

VOTE for Sidewalk Inventory

Nominations Open for Bike-Phriendly Business Awards

As part of Bike to Work Day (which will be held this year on Friday, May 19th), the Bicycle Coalition recognizes area businesses that make it easier and more inviting to bike to work. The Bike-Phriendly Business Awards are presented at a press conference held at Dilworth Park, which is the destination of a VIP ride that departs from the Penn Museum energizer station.

We look for businesses that provide the following amenities for their employees:

  • Secure bicycle parking,
  • Bike-supportive employee facilities such as showers
  • Bicycling encouragement program
  • Bicycle Commuter Benefits (annual or monthly stipend)
  • Bicycling culture in the office (regular commuters, listserv for employees to connect, riding club, support network for new riders)
  • Business Member, Discount Partner or sponsor of the Bicycle Coalition
  • Bicycle Coalition membership as a part of employment perks

Project H.O.M.E. receives 2016 Bike-Phriendly Businesses Award

Last year, Ticketleap and Project H.O.M.E. received the honors.

This year’s nomination process has started. You can nominate your business or employer until May 3rd.

How to Bike to Saturday’s Bartram’s Mile Ribbon Cutting

Use to find your bike friendly route to the Bartram’s Mile Ribbon Cutting

Bartram’s Garden is the place to be on Earth Day!  If you want to ride your bike to the ribbon cutting event marking the Circuit‘s newest addition, use to generate a route.  The ribbon cutting ceremony will be at the 56th Street Plaza, which is at the bottom of 56th Street on the banks of the Schuylkill River.  The event starts at 11am.  You will be able to explore both Bartram’s Mile south and north and partake in the Garden’s annual Spring Plant Sale.  More information here

House Rep. Taylor Introduces Legislation for Speed Cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard Pilot

Mangled car on Roosevelt Boulevard – Photo by Philadelphia Police Department

Last week, Pennsylvania House Representative John Taylor (177th District) introduced House Bill 1187 to allow the deployment of speed cameras on one of the State’s and City’s deadliest roadways: Roosevelt Boulevard.  The Bicycle Coalition has been working on this issue for several years and passage of this legislation is a goal of Mayor Kenney’s Vision Zero Action Plan. Last year, 12 people died on the Boulevard.  While the Boulevard makes up less than half of one percent of the 2,500 miles of roads in Philadelphia, 15% of Philadelphia’s roadway deaths occurred there in 2016.

The bill will amend  Pennsylvania vehicle code Title 75, providing for an automated speed enforcement system pilot program on 9 miles of Route 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard), spanning from 9th Street in Philadelphia to the Bucks County line.  

Warning signs will notify drivers and must be, as stated in the bill, “conspicuously placed at the beginning and end and at two-mile intervals”  so drivers are adequately notified. Violations will be issued only to those operating 11 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit.  Warning notices with no fines will be issued for the first two months; after that time period, each violation will be $150 and no points will be added to the driver’s license.

Representative Taylor repeatedly has made it clear that safety is the primary reason for his legislation.  The system is being designed to take appropriate precautions to protect drivers, and the fines collected will pay for the system’s operation. Any funds left over will be designated for road safety improvements, in a similar manner to how revenue collected from red light camera fines are currently deployed.

Flyers Charity Classic Announced, Will Benefit The Bicycle Coalition and Cadence Youth Cycling

Mark your calendars this July, because the Philadelphia Flyers just announced their inaugural Philadelphia Flyers Charity Classic. Set for Sunday, July 16, the Flyers Charity Classic expands on their previous Flyers Charity 5K run, which the organization has been running for the past 5 years.

The Bicycle Coalition and Cadence Youth Cycling will be beneficiaries of the event, which features 4 different races: a 5K walk/run, a 10-mile family ride ride, as well as a 50K and 100K bike ride. More

A Look Back at the Genesis of Bartram’s Mile

A preview walk on Bartram’s Mile North in mid-March 2017

We are pretty excited about the opening of Bartram’s Mile North & South this coming Saturday (4/22 at 11am).  Not just because the Bicycle Coalition is hosting rides and activities after the ribbon cutting with support from Bartram’s Garden and the Knight Foundation.  Also because we have been working alongside among many organizations dedicated to helping realize the 2003 vision of a Tidal Schuylkill River Trail –completing the Schuylkill River Trail from the Art Museum to the mouth of the Delaware River.

In 2008, BCGP teamed up with multiple partners, (including Bartram’s Garden, Manayunk Development Corporation, Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Schuylkill River Park Alliance) to run a campaign called Complete the Schuylkill River Trail.  We identified 9 segments that needed to be completed in order to make a seamless connection from Montgomery County to Cobb’s Creek.  This campaign led to the City of Philadelphia winning a $23Million TIGER award in 2010 to build six of nine segments (SRT in Shawmont, Walnut Street Greenway, the Boardwalk, the Connector Bridge, the trail at Bartram’s Garden & the 58th Street Greenway.)

Bartram’s Mile was one of the segments originally identified in the campaign that was not funded by the TIGER award.  In an effort to generate excitement about the potential for closing the remaining gaps post-TIGER, BCGP and its partners led several walks in 2010 from Bartram’s Garden to the Trolley Works next to the not-yet-built Gray’s Ferry Crescent.

Departing Bartram’s Barn (Feb. 2010)

Walking along Lindberg Boulevard (June 2010)




















Also in 2010, a Community Design Collaborative effort conceived by architects Charles Loomis and Chariss McAfee envisioned how the trail would connect a new swing bridge down to Bartram’s Garden through property owned by PIDC and the City of Philadelphia.

In 2012, the City opened the Gray’s Ferry Crescent, just north of the swing bridge in South Philadelphia.  The City of Philadelphia led the effort to stitch together funding to rebuild the Gray’s Ferry Connector (also known as the Swing Bridge), which won another TIGER grant in 2015 and should go under construction later this year.   PennPraxis was hired the City to lead the development of a plan for Bartram’s Mile North and South (on the other side of Bartram’s Garden on the bank by 56th Street.)  These two sections will formally open on Saturday.



….until it was moved in 2016 to its current location on Bartram’s Mile North

This monument to the Newkirk Viaduct, a permanent bridge built in 1838 by the Philadelphia Wilmington & Baltimore RR sat isolated next to Amtrak’s NEC for many years….












All of these sections are now part of the Circuit Trails and are crucial links to making a seamless connection between Southwest Philadelphia and Center City.  Later this year, the SRT will extend from the Boardwalk down to Christian Street.  Once the swing bridge opens in 2018 or 2019, the next crucial gap in the SRT be will the Christian to Crescent Connector.

20+ communities adopt resolutions in support of 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025

The Circuit Trails are gathering steam! The Circuit Coalition has launched a new campaign to gain support for reaching 500 completed miles of Circuit Trails by 2025.  Since late 2016, over twenty communities in the nine counties that are home to Circuit Trails have adopted public resolutions expressing support of the goal of completing 500 miles of trails by 2025.

This week, Haverford Township and the City of Chester were among the latest in the region to adopt a resolution praising the public benefits of trails and backing the goal of filling out the Circuit network with an additional 180 miles over the next eight years. With 320 miles currently built, the Circuit Trails are already forming the backbone of an alternative transportation network for the region. 500 miles by 2025 would be a major milestone toward the ultimate goal of reaching 750 interconnected trail miles by 2040.

The following municipalities have adopted resolutions:

  • Camden County:
    • Stratford
    • Audubon
    • Somerdale
    • Laurel Springs
    • Magnolia
    • Lindenwold
    • Haddon Heights
    • Clementon
    • Hi-Nella
    • Merchantville
  • Bucks County:
    • Chalfont
    • Doylestown
    • Bensalem
    • Perkasie
  • Delaware County:
    • Radnor
    • Upper Darby
    • Marcus Hook
    • Haverford
    • Chester
  • Montgomery County:
    • Upper Dublin
    • Upper Providence

A team of volunteers from partner organizations of the Circuit Coalition throughout the Delaware Valley are working in their communities to increase public support for the Circuit and bring the voices of trail lovers into meetings of local governments.   If you have connections to community groups or municipal government in your town, why not try to make yours the next community to adopt a pro-trails resolution? A sample resolution is available for use and modification, along with a sample cover letter to municipal government, at the Circuit Trails Resource Library.  Are you interested in joining them? Send us an email at if you are interested in becoming involved.

We will be posting updates on this campaign in the coming months.

CHOP to restore green paint & add posts to South Street Bridge bike lanes

Red dots indicate locations of new delineator posts to be placed on the eastbound bike lane

Street projects are getting underway due to the warm weather.  In addition to green paint that appeared Tuesday on the Ben Franklin Parkway, CHOP announced in an email earlier this week that it would restore the green paint and install bollards on the South Street Bridge starting this week (subject to weather and contractor availability.)

We learned the following details from the Streets Department & CHOP.

  • Twelve (12) delineator posts will be placed along the eastbound bike lane approaching the garage driveway The first 8 are spaced every 8’ and the remaining are spaced every 12’-15’.
  • Both bike lanes (eastbound & westbound) will be re-painted green between the new garage & 27th Street.
  • The paint in the bike lane damaged during construction to create a lane shift will be restored.
  • When the garage does open, the pedestrian signal at the garage entrance will be video activated.   We do not have a date for when CHOP’s garage is expected to open.

The bike lanes on both sides of the bridge from the garage to 27th Street will be painted green.

Damaged green paint due to construction will be repaired.


Opening Day for Trails 2016 weekend recap

This past weekend marked the official start to shorts season, as well as “Opening Day for Trails”, where events were held across the region to celebrate the Circuit Trails’ 320 miles of trail throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. The sun came out on Saturday along with hundreds of cyclists, joggers, and families to break records, ride a new trail, and help clean up the city’s streets and trails. Here’s a recap of this weekend to catch you up on what you missed:


What Bicyclists Should Expect During the 2017 NFL Draft Event

The National Football League’s annual draft is coming to Philadelphia later this month, and in light of Homeland Security’s plans for the event, we want you to know (to the best of our knowledge) which streets will be open to bicycling, and which will be closed, and when.

The draft begins on Thursday, April 27 and will end on Saturday, April 29. It will be hosted by the City of Philadelphia, and takes place on the Ben Franklin Parkway, Eakins Oval, and the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. However, some street closures will start prior to the actual event.

The event will take up the entirety of the Parkway, will be nationally televised, and is security is largely being directed by U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Here are the plans, and what to do during the Ben Franklin Parkway’s transition to a football person extravaganza:


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