Our Vision

ABCs of Family Biking

By the year 2020…

  • More people are biking but fewer are getting hurt
  • Bike mode share triples across the region
  • Philadelphia continues to be the #1 big city for bicycle mode share
  • The number of bicycle and pedestrian deaths and injuries in Philadelphia falls by half
  • For trips under four miles, bicycling and walking are viewed as convenient, safe transportation choices
  • You can ride all day on a trail network to and from Philadelphia and any surrounding county
  • Philadelphia is recognized as a national model for innovative transportation policies and facilities
  • Our streets are calmer because motor vehicles and bikes are doing a better job of following the rules of the road
  • The Bicycle Coalition is a thriving, financially stable organization that is recognized for its leadership locally and nationally



We have planned for how to make this vision a reality through our strategic plan. We will realize our vision by acting on a core set of beliefs:

  • Bicyclists are the leaders of the shift we want to see but success requires collaboration with many others.
  • We are accountable to our members for excellence in pursuit of our mission and transparency in our operations.
  • The road to victory is long — we will win while having plenty of time for family, friends and bike rides.
  • Our reputation rests on the efforts of our staff and volunteers working in a place where every person’s contribution is valued.
  • We will create a world-class bicycling city and region after we become an organization, and movement, that represents the diversity of the community we serve.
  • Riding a bike is fun — don’t let the fact that it’s convenient, healthy, green and affordable distract from the pure joy of it.

Our most recent published strategic plan can be found here.